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Regional workshop on National Risk Assessment (NRA), 22-23 September 2014.
Published Date
29 Sep 2014

In collaboration with the Special Investigation Commission (Lebanon), MENAFATF held a regional workshop on “National Risk Assessment (NRA)” with a participation of speakers from International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank (WB) and from a number of countries that have conducted or in the process of its NRA, including: Arab Republic of Egypt, Lebanese Republic, Kingdom of Spain and the United States of America. The event has been held during the period from 22nd to 23rd Sep. 2014, in Beirut, Lebanese Republic.

This workshop was a great opportunity for the participating countries to learn more on the NRA process as they embark on carrying out their own NRA exercise. The style of this regional workshop is aiming to share and learn from countries practical experiences (from the region and outside of the region) with the NRA and its arrangements in the preparation for the upcoming mutual evaluation. This workshop targeted various professional levels from regulatory and supervisory authorities, law enforcement officials, and FIUs.

Representatives from a number of MENAFATF member countries participated in this workshop: (Jordan, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Sudan, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco and Palestine).