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Job Announcment

The MENAFATF Secretariat is seeking experts in the AML/CFT field to join the MENAFATF Secretariat in the Kingdom of Bahrain carrying several different roles, including organizing Mutual Evaluation processes using the FATF recommendations, developing policies, coordinating with observers and donors to hold training courses and technical assistance for Member Countries.

Candidate’s Ideal Profile

1. Academic background: a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate discipline issued by an internationally recognized university.

2. Professional background: good knowledge of FATF’s international standards and relevant United Nations Resolutions, Mutual Evaluation methodology, and - at least three years of field experience (financial, legal, and/or law enforcement) in AML/CFT, preferably experience in the government sector in areas of legal or financial supervision.

3. Languages: Full proficiency in Arabic and English; knowledge of French is a plus.

Application Mechanism

Qualified candidates from member countries of the MENAFATF can apply for the job by sending their CVs to the following e-mail:

Middle East and North Africa Financial Action Task Force (“MENAFATF”)

MENAFATF is an independent regional organization established by virtue of an agreement between the governments of its members, to adopt and implement FATF’s 40 recommendations on anti-money laundering, combating terrorist financing and proliferation. Also, to implement United Nations treaties and agreements and relevant Security Council Resolutions, cooperate to enhance compliance to these standards in the MENA region, and cooperate with other regional and international organizations, institutions and bodies to enhance compliance thereto in the region. The MENAFATF includes 21 countries from the Middle East and North Africa region, in addition to 19 observers. The MENAFATF’s secretariat is located in Manama - Kingdom of Bahrain.


It has been recently noticed that the name of MENAFATF or persons related to the MENAFATF are being used for fraudulent purposes; some people are asked, allegedly by MENAFATF, to pay fees for fictitious services relating to the verification of the origin of funds they wish to transfer. They are told that if the customer fails to pay such fees, the funds will be frozen. In fact, MENAFATF does not provide any such services, nor does it request fees or have by any means the capacity to freeze any funds or accounts. In addition, any approach using the name of MENAFATF in relation to de-freezing funds or payment of fees is a fraud and should be immediately reported to the local competent authorities.