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UN Security Council Resolution 1617 (2005)
Published Date
15 Aug 2005

On 29 July 2005, the UN Security Council extended the sanctions against Al-Qaida, Usama bin Laden, the Taliban and their associates for a further 17 months, adopting resolution 1617 (2005), by which it decided that all States should take the measures previously imposed by resolutions 1267 (1999), 1333 (2000) and 1390 (2002) regarding a freeze of assets, a ban on travel and a weapons embargo aimed at those groups and individuals. The Council also reiterated the need for close cooperation and exchange of information among the "Al-Qaida and Taliban Committee" (the 1267 Committee), the Counter-Terrorism Committee and the "1540 Committee" regarding proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Moreover, the Security Council strongly urged all (UN) Member States to implement the comprehensive, international standards embodied in the Financial Action Task Force's (FATF) Forty Recommendations on Money Laundering and the FATF Nine Special Recommendations on Terrorist Financing;" (see paragraph 7 of the resolution).