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MENAFATF becomes an "Associate Member" within FATF
Published Date
18 Jul 2007

The third FATF plenary meeting in the eighteenth round was held at the headquarters of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris during the period 27-29 June 2007. During the meeting, the application of MENAFATF requesting the "Associate Member" status at the FATF was considered. Such status was granted to the MENAFATF by consensus in appreciation by the FATF members of the tremendous efforts made by MENAFATF members to develop their AML/CFT regimes and in recognition of the effectiveness and seriousness of the measures they are taking in this regard. This accomplishment crowns the strenuous efforts exerted by the MENAFATF since its establishment in November 2004, represented in the Presidency and the Secretariat under the directions and follow-up by member countries. 

The obtainment of the "Associate Member" at the FATF by the MENAFATF is a significant accomplishment to its credit, knowing that the number of other FSRBs that hold this status at the FATF is only three, namely MOENYVAL, APG, and GAFISUD, which preceded the MENAFATF in terms of the date of establishment. Moreover, the "Associate Member" qualifies the MENAFATF to have more active participation in the FATF work and events, as five member countries have the right to attend FATF plenary meetings and participate in its work.