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AML/CFT Initiatives of MENAFATF: Background – History of MENAFATF and the most important developments.
Published Date
11 Mar 2010

The first joint FATF/MENAFATF plenary meeting which was held in Abu Dhabi, UAE in February 2010 approved the publication of the paper prepared by the MENAFATF Secretariat on AML/CFT initiatives. Such paper includes MENAFATF’s role, the progress of its work, and the most important features of progress of AML/CFT regimes within its member countries as well as a historical background of MENAFATF. This paper is especially significant as it reflects the importance of the efforts made by the member countries and the progress of their combating regimes as well as the work developments in the MENAFATF whether related to the mutual evaluation or to the technical assistance, training, typologies or to other issues.