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2nd FIU forum in the MENAFATF member countries
Published Date
17 Jan 2011

The FIUs in the MENAFATF member countries are witnessing an evident attention in developing the means of supporting exchange of information and expertise among each other based on the pivotal role of such FIUs in combating money laundering and terrorism financing.

In this context, the MENAFATF organized and held the 2nd FIU forum in Doha, Qatar on Sunday 28 November 2010.

During the Forum, Qatar Financial Information Unit (QFIU) delivered two distinct presentations on “promoting and following up the Egmont Group membership”. The presentation provided comprehensive information on the Egmont Group, its functions, the benefits and procedures of joining it, in addition to the membership requirements.

On the other hand, the Special Investigation Commission (SIC – Lebanon), delivered a presentation on “The Physical and Electronic Security Measures”, introducing the best mechanisms applied to protect information security, physical and electronic security procedures and challenges faced by the FIUs in this framework as experienced by the SIC.