What is photo stock agency? List of the cheapest stock image sites

Photo stock - a place where graphic content is stored and/or implemented. Photos, illustrations, videos and other materials are posted by the authors for the purpose of sale or are provided for free use. In fact, microstock and photo banks are intermediaries between the content creator and the user.
On these sites there are hundreds of thousands of works by amateurs and professionals. If you want to buy stock photo or purchase vector images you need the list of the cheapest stock image sites which offer stock images and photos for purchase via internet. Each visitor who needs images for commercial or personal use will be able to pick up the necessary in 10-15 minutes. On paid resources, the price of media content varies from a few cents to tens of dollars, depending on the level of the photographer or illustrator.
Especially for you, we have compared the largest photobanks (photo stocks) where you can profitably buy images.
To buy images, you first need to register at the photo bank, and then transfer money to the photo bank (buy loans). They are accepted via credit card or PayPal, and some via Webmoney and SMS. The minimum loan purchase amount, depending on the photobank, ranges from $ 10. After purchasing loans, you can download photos in the right size and quantity, in the amount of your loans.
Global demand for images is increasing every year. More and more publishing houses and design studios decide to buy high-quality images using the services of photo banks rather than ordering work for private photographers, paying them much more and not always getting what they need. Photobanks are ready to provide millions of photos and illustrations instantly and for a reasonable price.
For example, we are tired of winter and want to find a photo of a beautiful beach for photo printing or photo wallpaper in an apartment, so in the search line we enter the words beach, tropical, ocean (you can also use others). Next, select the type of content: All Images, Photos, Vector Images, Illustrations, Videos, Music. In the article we will talk about the search for photos, as the most common case.
We will help you buy Shutterstock photos from 1 picture without registration and subscription, but still recommend registering to check the resolution of the photo in the maximum size, is it suitable for you or not.
Shutterstock photos (vector.eps, raster.jpg) is a help to designers in downloading various multimedia materials from stocks for educational purposes.
Photo from Shutterstock photo bank without watermarks, we only download the maximum photo size (L or XL) or only a vector if it is under the given photo number, editing, re-saving to the desired format, cropping, etc. we don’t.
We do not issue documents in the photo. If you need something else, check with a text message. Tiff formats and so on do not swing by default and are more expensive.
What does “royalty free” mean?
Royalty-free (without royalties) is a type of license for the use of copyrighted intellectual property, such as images and videos. This license allows the use of images and videos for various purposes in various media without royalties for each such use. For example, you can use the same image on a website, on banners on the Internet, and in print ads, without having to pay for each use. The image can also be used worldwide and without time limits.
Licensing with rights management, on the contrary, gives the right to use the facility only for a specific media, region, industry, etc. For example, for print advertising in a magazine for the food industry, only in the USA, for a period of one month. None of the Shutterstock files have these restrictions.

Source: https://photostockguide.com/