We choose tights in a mesh

Fishnet tights have long been a sought-after accessory for women’s wardrobe. Nevertheless, they should be worn carefully so as to always look appropriate and not emphasize what you do not need to emphasize.

Fishnet tights are a real salvation for women who are required to follow a dress code and wear tights even on the hottest day of summer. The most practical, restrained and neutral are tights in a fine mesh of flesh tint. They are not striking, sit perfectly, have a pleasant texture and are suitable for almost everyone. Black tights with a fine mesh look quite strict, but focus on your legs, so they are perfect for business cocktails and evening dinners, the main thing is that your clothes are restrained and dark shades prevail in it. By the way, black pantyhose often has a vertical stitching at the back, which makes the legs visually slimmer and looks very impressive, but throughout the evening you will need to watch that it does not twist, otherwise it will look messy.

A large, black diamond-shaped mesh is also an evening option, and it is worth wearing it with dresses and skirts just below the knee. There is an option to wear such a net with clothes and above the knee, but with completely closed sleeves, a modest neckline and a low heel. Then such an image will look very harmonious and attractive. These tights are suitable only for owners of slim, not thin and not full, long legs.

A colored mesh with bows, rhinestones and other decorative elements is best for creating a festive, carnival image for a party or a secluded pastime with your loved one. Daily wearing of such tights will cause bewilderment.

There are tights that combine mesh and other patterns, most often they look quite bold and you need to analyze your readiness for such experiments well.

What to wear fishnet tights with?

The combination of flesh-colored mesh tights with classic and restrained things will look very stylish and elegant. A pencil skirt below the knee, a strict blouse or a black, elegant dress will make a great company of such tights that will look beautiful, fashionable and pleasant.

With a light, airy pattern of tights, heavy, dense fabrics look great. But you should avoid the small, frequent pattern along the entire length of the clothes: such an outfit in combination with tights will look rather strange.

Clothing and color of tights should be close to each other: with light clothes, wear tights of flesh-colored, with dark - black.

Shoes with fishnet tights are preferable to wear with a closed toe, with heels, but not high. Shoes with an ankle strap also look great. The mesh is worn most often in the summer, so it is combined with open shoes, you need to make sure that everything looks beautiful, neat and not vulgar. Find online pharmacy with most suitable price bestpricepharmacyfinder.com .