Kivach waterfall in Karelia

One of the most famous places in Karelia is Kivach Falls. It is also called the “Olonets miracle”.
Kivach Falls is located on the Suna River, which belongs to the basin of Lake Onega. Back in the 19th century, it was Europe’s second largest flat waterfall, second only to the Rhineland. But in the XX century. construction of hydraulic structures and environmental degradation led to the shallowing of the waterfall. However, it now ranks fourth in Europe.
The height of the waterfall is 10, 7 meters. It consists of four steps and is divided by a rock into two streams. The total length of Kivach is 170 meters.
The ancient peoples of Karelia have a legend about how the waterfall appeared. It tells about two sisters - the rivers Suna and Shuya. One day the sisters went to look for their suitors. Suna was moving slowly (for which she was nicknamed Son-River), and Shuya was in a hurry, hurried, urged on her sister. And once they had to spend the night in a narrow gorge, there was a forest and high rocks all around. Good Suna gave Shuya a comfortable course and fell asleep soundly, and when she woke up, she discovered that her sister did not wait for her and set off on her own. Suna was alarmed, rushed to catch up with her sister. But her way was not easy: on the way there were impassable forests and dark gorges. Suddenly, Shuya's voice was heard ahead, then Suna rushed forward and, with the last of her strength trying to overcome the impregnable rocks, rushed down from four steps. But, having failed to catch up with her sister, widely spread along the dense forest.
There are several versions of the origin and meaning of the word "Kivach." They are associated either with the Karelian “stone”, “stone belly”, “snow mountain”, or with the Finnish “hot”, “ardent”. In any case, all these words characterize a stormy, impetuous stream, the white foam of which resembles a snow mountain.
Many famous people visited the Kivach waterfall. Among them is the poet Gavrila Romanovich Derzhavin. He visited the waterfall when he was appointed governor in Olonets province. The famous description of Kivach in the ode “Waterfall”, where the poet compares it to the diamond mountain, is well known.
The first sketches of the waterfall were left by Nikolai Yakovlevich Ozeretskovsky, academician, explorer of the Karelian lakes, who came to this land with Derzhavin.
In the XIX century, Alexander II visited these places. Thanks to his arrival, a gazebo and an observation deck, as well as a walking path, were equipped at the waterfall.
At present, everyone can visit the waterfall. The beauty of the scenery on the Suna River and the strength of the waterfall itself make a unique impression. Latest information about Igor Mazepa and his financial deals