Things to know before you go to Norway

Someone wants to visit Norway one day? He may have already booked a flight and started planning a trip. Regardless of where he is (at what stage of preparation for the trip), here are a few things he will need to know before visiting Norway:
1. Norway Scandinavian country.
Norwegians tend to believe that Norway is the center of the Earth, and everyone knows who they are. The truth is that Norway is not as great as they want to believe, and many do not even know that it is a country.
Norway is a Scandinavian country with a population of about 5.2 million people, it is often called one of the best places to live and / or visit.
(For those who do not know: Scandinavia consists of Norway, Sweden and Denmark, these are the 3 Nordic countries located in Europe).
2. Polar bears do not walk the streets here.
A common misconception is that polar bears walk the streets of Norway. Fortunately, it is not. In fact, there are no wild polar bears on the mainland of Norway. Norway is actually a truly civilized country, and everyone will be surprised to see how modern it is. Here even cars drive through the streets!
Svalbard, however, is a Norwegian archipelago between mainland Norway and the North Pole, with more polar bears than people. However, rarely are any incidents between residents and polar bears.
3. Norwegian currency NOK (Norwegian krone)
The currency that Norwegians use in Norway is the Norwegian krone. So, if a tourist travels only with euros, he will not go far. The Norwegian krone has recently been weakened, which means that if someone makes a trip to Norway in the near future, the whole trip will be cheaper than something it was just a year ago.
It should be noted that Norway uses less and less cash. Anyone can pay basically everything he wants with a credit card, even if it’s a taxi and hot dogs! This means that a situation where a person has forgotten cash with him is not a crisis.
4. Most Norwegians speak English.
A tourist does not know the Norwegian language? No problems! Most Norwegians speak English. Although some of them are a little shy to communicate, they are able to sort out and help travelers with any questions they can have.
5. Norway is a safe country to visit.
Norway is considered one of the safest countries in the world. The crime rate is extremely low even in such large cities as Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger.
As in any other cities, people must take certain precautions, but there are not too many things to be afraid of. Even a walk alone at night is relatively safe, and the chances of becoming a victim of crime are slim.
Most of the crimes in Norway are related to home and office hacking. There are also several groups of pickpockets traveling to the most tourist areas during the summer, so tourists should watch their wallet carefully when they are in the crowd (however, the likelihood of pickpocketing is still low). Vinnarum