Велюровые костюмы: плюшевая мода

Velor Costumes: Plush Fashion
Velor is often called velvet for the poor, but this certainly does not detract from its undoubted merits. Quite the contrary, fashion velor has tremendous superiority over velvet. Not being expensive material, it becomes the basis for many different sets, the undoubted leadership in which many years undoubtedly hold various velor suits. Someone might say that all these glamorous clothes are just nothing more than a simple whim of young people, which will pass with adulthood. For the rest, soft velor suits are an indispensable part of summer everyday life, a beautiful sports and daily casual style.
A vibrant fashion for velor suits lit up in the late 90s with an easy serve of a well-known California brand called Juicy Couture. At present, these fashionable wardrobe details are being published by many brands, just like universally recognized sports brands and special house lines with a ready-to-wear image. However, they are all only followers who have long rested on the laurels of the impudent prestigious antics of the creators of the South American brand. Since before they made it, nobody thought about velor suits as a trendy and fashionable part, and even more so, absolutely no one meant that plush girl’s trousers with a jacket can easily be worn not only in the gym, however and in the popular night club.
The work of these two founders of the fashion brand, Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor, started with the creation of clothes for pregnant women, only specifically velor suits brought their brand a great sensation. How did it happen that this gymnastic style suddenly got so many admirers and became not an elementary unexpected seasonal trend, but simply fell in love with ladies of different ages, social status and individual figure for many years?
It was all very elementary. The fashion of the 90s was a rather controversial group. Inflorescence of neon, an abundance of dark and low-quality synthetics were brighter only in the elegant sports style. Whoever does not remember these polyester sets with sugary acid bands, in which to engage in active sports was quite problematic. And later Juicy Couture arose and made a revolution, which only first took on the local Californian, then the all-American, and then even the international scale. casino Malaysia