Air humidifiers for home

With excessive air dryness, there is a problem with the skin, mucous membranes of the respiratory organs, and allergies. To solve this problem, you must purchase air humidifiers or air ionizers for your home.
Cold air humidifiers. Their principle of operation is cold evaporation: the built-in fan takes room air, drives it through a wet evaporator. With this type of moisture excessive humidity in the rooms will not be a maximum of 60%. During the work there is practically no noise, power is 15-50 W. There are models with the function of aromatization, ionization, air disinfection. The main requirements for the operation are the timely replacement of the filter and the use of purified, distilled water.
Hot steam humidifiers work on the principle of an electric kettle, giving sterile steam at the outlet. Humidity in the room quickly rises to 60-80%, to prevent excessive humidity, they are equipped with a hygrostat. Used for large living rooms, greenhouses, greenhouses. For small living rooms, they are not suitable. Their significant disadvantage is a high power consumption of up to 500 W, plus a lack of cleaning filters.
An ultrasonic air humidifier turns water into steam by means of a membrane, which vibrates under the influence of high-frequency current. Steam comes out through the built-in fan, there are models & quot; cold & quot; moisturizers. In them, the water is heated to 80 ° C, which eliminates many harmful microorganisms, and warm steam escapes (40 ° C). Cold steam humidifiers are almost silent, power consumption up to 150 watts. The requirements for operation will be the change of filters, if they are provided by the model of the humidifier, and the use of distilled water. Ultrasonic humidifiers for home are produced with equipped hygrometers, remote controls, LCD display, there is a sensor pollution filter, the water level.
There is another type of humidifier, which not only humidifies the air, it also removes dust, microorganisms, and odors from the air. They are quite expensive and produce a lot of noise during operation.
How to choose a home air humidifier? Choosing the type of humidifier, determine its capacity, depending on the size of the room. The instructions indicate what area it is calculated. Please note that the frequency of adding water depends on the size of the tank, it is desirable that the tank be transparent. For bedrooms, choose a quiet model. never say CVV shop just do it