Unstoppable Gorg Review Friv

"Futuremark" are mostly known for their benchmarking software. 3DMark has been used for many years as friv gamers and enthusiasts put their rigs to the test. It left no doubt that they could produce some stunning visuals, so when they put together Futuremark Games Studio and released the zero-gravity shooter back in 2010, Shattered Horizon, I couldn’t wait to see what they did. Already in 2016, you can play in this shooter on the site Friv Games.

In their latest release, they’ve gone a slightly different route, though. Unstoppable Gorg is a relatively small (in comparison to Shattered Horizon, at least) tower defense title, releasing silmultaneously on Steam and iOS.

The basis of the game is one that I’ve not seen explored before. Taking cues from the UFO reports and movies that were prevalent in the 1960s, the planet is under attack from little green men, The Gorg, in their shiny flying saucers. To combat this, Earth is sending up a variety of satellites to take them out before they make it into our atmosphere.

As tower defense games go, the idea is pretty familiar. Players start each level with a base up in space. It’s got several lines of orbit around it that allow the placing of satellites. You’ll start with one that generates resources, as you may expect, and can then move on to spend the money on satellites that’ll attack the incoming alien spaceships that move along a pre-designated pattern from a Gorg Mothership to your base.

There’s something a little different here, though. Something I’ve not seen before. Futuremark have implemented a nice little mechanic that allows you to rotate the satellites around their orbit. A quick click and a drag and you’ve repositioned your towers. It sounds simple, and it is at its core. But in the later levels, when you’ve got a bunch of satellites deployed, it adds a lot of depth and franticness.

Instead of just worrying about deploying the right tower for the job, it’s just as important to consider where they’re positioned at any one time. It gets even more complex as you have several towers on a single line of orbit, so while moving one could be a benefit, other towers on that line will rotate about your base at the same time.

Possibly my favourite part about Unstoppable Gorg, though, is the black and white, 1960s news-like videos that fall between each level. Seeing the Gorg leader’s terrible live action costume, through which the the actors lips can be seen behind the mask, is nothing less than hilarious.

There are a couple of things amiss, in my opinion. Albeit minor ones. Being a a game that’s solely based around the Steam platform, I’d have loved to see the inclusion of Steam leaderboards. It’s also a little frustrating, although also fairly understandable, that the iOS version sells for half the price of the PC one.

But overall, Unstoppable Gorg is certainly a lot of fun. With the usual unlocking of new towers, researching of upgrades and various difficulty settings, there’s certainly a fair amount of gameplay in there — and while the rotation mechanic doesn’t completely break the ground of the tower defense games that came before it, it’s certainly a nice little twist that freshens things up a little.