Transport business in Finland - Pakettiauto Vuokraus

Many Russian businessmen and simply enterprising people are now considering the possibility of opening their own business in Finland. The investment attractiveness and stability of the northern country are increasingly attracting our compatriots.

Alena Lon, director of the store "Rantamonto", Lappeenranta.

- Alain, what are the prospects of a Russian entrepreneur who decided to open a business in Finland?

- In my opinion, the most successful investment is the purchase of an existing business. A familiar entrepreneur bought here a small transport company that deals with pakettiauto vuokraus and thrives: he bought a name, a brand and along with it a well-earned clientele. If there is a desire to open here something new, so to speak, "zest" - there is a big risk not to survive.

- What is the reason for this risk?

- With money, of course. Even if we talk about the initial capital - 60 000 euros. In Russia, this is quite an acceptable start, in Finland - insufficient. As Finnvera (a state-owned company, an official export credit agency) told me, at least 90 - 100 thousand are needed. At the initial stage, a lot of "eats" advertising. On the next - taxes, payment of the accountant and again advertising. Sometimes there is a situation where you have to choose between your own salary or business promotion. In general, the system of work is tough and, in my opinion, to survive more than a chance at the chain store.

- Are there any specifics of doing business in Finland, which are you marking for yourself?

- Yes, I would even outline a significant negative - it is an opportunity to make purchases twice a year. That is, if in Russia I could buy goods weekly and, thus, track its consumer capacity, then here it is necessary to calculate, based on the day of today. I can also say that in Finland, a lot of firms close in the first month of work because of problems with taxes.

- In the case of your store, the main clientele are Russian?

- Yes, almost 100%. To win the confidence of the Finns is difficult, especially to break their stereotypes. For example, the Finns believe that the Italian manufacturer is the best. And one can explain for a long time that Poland is no worse, the stereotype is a stereotype. As for Russian tourists, the difficulty is as follows: Finland is "spoiled" with discounts. Therefore, there are big downturns in sales - people are waiting for discounts.

- Alena, you feel that you are facing great difficulties in Finland. What makes you continue to work and live here?

- People often ask me this question. I got citizenship due to my Finnish "roots". The husband sees great prospects for himself here. The future of children we also plan here. Therefore, I continue. There is also a psychological aspect. It is enough for some people to open a small business and work for themselves, having 3-4 thousand euros in the form of income. They are happy with it. I am always for development, moving forward and I have serious plans to expand my business.

- Alena, such as you - a lot? I have in the form - how do you assess the position of Russian business in Finland?

- Positions are quite stable. There are many foreign businesses, most of the foreigners are Russian. A huge number of Muscovites today buy in Lappeenranta firms, houses, apartments, live themselves, rent out. In any case, success here is guaranteed to someone who has good money and, thus, is protected from risks