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I once read in the Amurskaya Pravda newspaper: in the Amur Region, wooden counting sticks for first-graders disappeared. It turned out that these sticks were taken from afar, almost from Belorussia, to a region where virginal taiga was immense. As if in Blagoveshchensk they could not find anyone who nagged them!

I can easily imagine a film in which characters are not necessarily sellers of stationery, but in which action will be connected with the story of the disappearance of wands for first-graders ... This will be a very useful film for so many negligent business executives.

Imagine a man who, forty-four years ago, in 1928, a sixteen-year-old young man got a job as a mechanic apprentice in house management and worked at the same place until June 22, 1941. He fought for four years in a row, on October 10, 1945, he returned home, met with his family, went to the bathhouse, and on October 11 came out in the morning to change, to the same house management. And it works there to this day ... Actually, to introduce this person, it is enough to meet me. I told you my biography.

People often ask me: why is this your life? After all, could you work in a large factory, on complex machines ...

Could, of course. I could even work in many factories ... But just recently I was a participant in a television program. The show was watched not only by my workmates, but also by many tenants of the house that I serve. And everyone congratulated me, and everyone said that I told little to the viewers, reminded me of various cases, which I, in their opinion, should have told ...

Here, maybe, therefore I also work the fifth ten as the mechanic of the ZHEK? Because after I leave the apartment, the office bell rings with a request to thank the locksmith. Or, on the contrary (although this has not happened to me for a long time), it is worthwhile to do the work in bad faith - and this is immediately known. That is, I like the fact that the benefits of my work and heartfelt human gratitude are felt immediately, as soon as my work is finished.

For many years I have been going to the challenges of the residents of a huge house, repairing plumbing, heating, sewage ... Sometimes it is necessary to solve technical problems rather complex. It is necessary to think not only about the health of various devices, but also about how not to spoil the apartment, not to disfigure it.

A person with my production experience is understandable. And it is clear to my students G. G. Noniov and V. P. Bushuev. We are the same working people, masters of their craft, as in any production or construction. But locksmiths, fitters, plasterers, we, unlike factory workers, work in full view of those who are waiting for our help - the residents of their homes. And they are in sight. We are many, the country has an army of communal workers. And here you will not hide behind a common indicator. Instantly it becomes clear who is worth as a master and as a person. And to the same extent, those whose apartments we come to also become clear to us. After all, we all had time to meet.

I’m on purpose now not talking about many business and other issues that need to be resolved in order for our work to become more productive. I am attracted to another.

After all, what should be of interest to cinema figures - documentary film workers, who were spoken about by V. Egorov and A. Karpychev in their article published in the magazine “Art of Cinema”? First of all, people. So go through the big house with the plumber. You will meet a variety of people - our entire society in the section. See who treats the working man. Who as a friend, with understanding, and who, to be honest, happens and in a lordly manner.

And you will also see how difficult and interesting it is to be a mechanic from the house management. I would love to see such a movie. And maybe not just me, but also those young people who just choose "who to be." realy has many distinctive features dumps shop