Properties of the floorboard Solidfloor New Classics

To date, 12 floorboard premium decors of the premium segment Solidfloor New Classics are available for sale in stores and online stores authorized dealers. The name itself speaks about the belonging of these decors to the classical directions inspired by the 19th century stylistics, but perfectly suitable for modern interiors. The names for decors are the main cultural centers of the world - famous cities like Versailles, Cambridge, Harvard, Louvre, etc. You can buy a three-layer Solidfloor New Classics floorboard of various sizes. With a thickness of 19 mm, you can buy a board of 610 x 122 or 1890 x 270 mm, and with a length of 1830 mm it is possible to choose the width from 90, 130 and 220 mm, which makes it possible not only to choose a pattern and shade, but also to dream with the location of the parquet, creating non-standard floors.

 So due to the presence of small boards, this collection is suitable for laying & quot; herringbone & quot; and other non-linear ways. Collections are subject to strict adherence to size and clear lines. The drawing is single-sided, each board is framed with a chamfer of 1 mm. But not only the beauty of the decor makes this coating so desirable. Very tempting price parquet Solidford New Classic. In addition to sophistication, it has high strength, stability and reliability. Not for nothing, the manufacturer has established a warranty period of 15 years, which confirms the durability of the coating and resistance to various external influences. Of course, the parquet is somewhat whimsical in operation, as it requires certain conditions of detention, which, by the way, are most comfortable for a person, so that they will be supported only in pleasure. Yes, and care for the floor is simple: pollution is easily removed with a damp cloth, although it is desirable to use special detergents. When creating the parquet, the secrets of traditional craftsmanship were used in combination with modern methods, which makes this flooring very beautiful and functional at the same time. Oak planks of different types, used as the top layer, are processed in different ways for each decor: brushing, smoking, coating with clear, white or dark oil, brushing, bleaching. Laying can be done as a floating method using the substrate, and by gluing to the base (often plywood). Для того, чтобы выбрать лучшее казино в интернете для игры на реальные деньги нужно быть в тренде игровой индустрии. Рейтинги казино/ созданы специально для того, чтобы вам проще было ориентироваться при выборе онлайн клуба для регистрации и азартных игр.