Wedding make-up: at home or in a beauty salon?

For a newly-married couple, a wedding is not only a holiday, but also a test for strength. To the couple in love are riveted hundreds of views, from it they expect perfection in everything. Especially from the bride: her wedding make-up should be flawless, even if the street suddenly rains or the girl can not hold back the joyful tears. The leaking ink, the lipstick left on the lips of the groom and the guests' cheeks, the powdered powder - all this should not overshadow the holiday. Therefore, for the creation of a perfect appearance it is better to turn to professionals.

Of course, you can impose a wedding makeup at home. Especially if you do some training and, as they say, "stuff your hand." Another option - to invite a friend at home, familiar with the secrets of makeup artists. But who knows - suddenly false eyelashes will not want to be superimposed at the most crucial moment, and the girlfriend whom you invited for a couple of hours before the holiday, will create a real horror on your face?

Wedding make-up - no reason to take risks. After all, only the master can create for you a refined and feminine image that will last all day - from bride's redemption to fireworks. Let's list the benefits that makeup will give you from a professional:

1. Use of quality cosmetics. Buying cosmetics yourself, you can not be 100% sure that this is not a fake, even if you buy them at a very high price. Beauty salons work with trusted suppliers and can guarantee the quality of cosmetics that they use in their work.

2. Makeup that matches your appearance. Only an experienced make-up artist will be able to choose the right wedding make-up, appreciating your outfit and hairstyle.

3. Preparatory procedures. Almost the day spent in makeup is a real force majeure for the skin. That is why brides saving on cosmetics and masters, after the wedding are forced to apply to dermatologists about the peeling of the face and the rash on it. A professional beautician will assess the current condition of your skin and will carry out the necessary procedures to prepare it for a wedding make-up. Therefore, it is better to apply to a beauty salon not for a couple of days, but at least a couple of weeks before the wedding day.

4. An image close to the ideal. Not every girl can be proud of irreproachable proportions of the face. Only make-up artist with experience is able to apply cosmetics so as to emphasize virtues and hide unattractive details of appearance. He will pick up a wedding makeup, suitable for the color of your hair and eyes, and apply it with a sense of proportion and taste.

Take advantage of the services of a professional beauty salon - and you will be irresistible and "in real life", and on wedding photos and videos. sign up bonus best bitcoin casinos with high payout chance