Comparison of natural and artificial linoleum

Today, linoleum is made using different technologies. If at one time only natural ingredients were used for its production, now they mostly use synthetic ones. Does this mean that linoleum with natural origin has completely lost its relevance? To answer the question, it is worthwhile to compare two types of material and understand how they differ and what they resemble.

The main features of natural linoleum

The peak of the popularity of this linoleum came at the beginning of the XX century. At that time, it was made from lime, cork flour, linseed oil. In principle, today almost the same technology is used. Only the ratio of components and minor additives, for example, resins, differ.

The main advantage of this material is ecological cleanliness. It is absolutely safe, so it can be used in any room. Linoleum is moisture-proof, hygienic, with excellent insulation performance.

True, it wears relatively quickly. After 5–7 years of operation, signs of wear are obvious. In addition, linoleum cracks easily. It can not be broken during transportation and installation. Finally, this material is also very expensive.

The main qualities of artificial linoleum

In most cases, for the manufacture of artificial linoleum used polyvinyl chloride. Yes, in terms of environmental parameters, such a product is significantly inferior to the previous one. But synthetic linoleum can be given almost any appearance. On the front surface of the product there may be an interesting texture, like wood or ceramic tile.

Linoleum does not wear out for a long time, the pattern on it remains even after 10 years of operation. Artificial samples are much cheaper than natural ones. They are suitable for use in technical rooms, in the kitchen, in the bathroom.

What material is better to choose?

If judged objectively, artificial linoleum is much better than natural. It is inferior only in environmental cleanliness, but for most owners it is not fundamental. Natural can also be used, but only if the owners want to get an elite interior in the best classical traditions.

Now it is clear what qualities each of the presented materials is endowed with. And the owner will certainly be able to correctly decide what is best for him to choose. After all, linoleum in any case will manifest itself well, if properly handle it. buy dumps