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Советы по прохождению Metal Gear Solid V - Миссия 32: Слишком много знать

Mission Overview

The thirty-second mission in Metal Gear Solid V is the one in which the second, additional chapter of the main campaign begins. Besides the optional goals, the mission is to find and save the CIA agent, and you can do this while he is still hiding in the desert, or after he is taken to the ruins of the palace (then the task is more difficult). There are also additional tasks to perform - you can filter the members of the search team, save the other two prisoners, extract the jeep driver and stop the attempt to kill the CIA agent.

Mission objectives

MANDATORY (1/1): CIA agent recovered - you can retrieve the agent while he is still in the desert or after he is transferred to the Lamar Kaate Palace (he will be placed in one of the buildings near the ruins).

OPTIONAL (1/5): CIA agent recovered before it is detected by the search team - you need to get to the desert as quickly as possible and find the agent before the enemies with Walker Gears get closer to it.

OPTIONAL (2/5): 4 search team soldiers retrieved - search team members use Walker Gears. You can find them in the desert looking for an agent, but later they will go to the palace of Lamar Kaate.

OPTIONAL (3/5): Extracted driver of the vehicle - by default, the jeep is parked near the Lamar Haate Palace, but after finding the agent, it will head to the desert.

ADDITIONAL (4/5): 2 prisoners were detained in the village of Shago and in the Lamar Haat Palace - the prisoner in Da Shago Kallai is kept on the ground floor of the main building, and the one in the Lamar Haat Palace is in a large cage next to the palace.

OPTIONAL (5/5): The Soviet soldier planning to kill the CIA agent has been recovered - you must wait until the CIA agent is found and taken to the palace of Lamar Haate, and the killer is identified.

Mission preparation

The best time to complete this mission is at night. When completing the mission for the first time (if you want to get the S rank), take D-Horse with you, which will allow you to contact the CIA agent long before the search team arrives. However, completing the mission for the second time, you can choose D-Dog, because it will be easier for you to find prisoners and members of the search team.

If you can, bring a sniper rifle with non-lethal ammunition. This will allow you to neutralize the soldiers in the Walker Gears and the killer without any problems. Moreover, you have to dress in an invisible suit, because it’s easier for the enemy to find you in the desert than in the mountains. Log into several Dark Web marketplaces using only the alternative link Apollon Market it stores active urls of most popular Darknet marketplaces