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Tips for completing the game Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Mission 5. Abandoned Mill # 007

Go to the stairs and turn right and then left. Take the door in front of your character and remember to move in the shade. Close the door behind you and look at the room you just entered. You will find the Blacklist laptop shown in the screenshot, which costs the standard 40 thousand dollars.

Go through the opposite door in this room and, having entered the dark corridor, turn left and stop near the blocked passage shown in the screenshot above. Of course, you need to wait until the guard appears and take the opportunity to sneak behind him before the door closes again. Open the next door and enter the control room on the left. Use your computer to unlock further passage.

Additional Panther / Attack style tips. In situations where you directly engage in battle with the enemy, you should beware of armored enemies and use explosives to eliminate them.

Now you can go ahead. Once you get to another big place, the game will start a cutscene from which you will find out that the enemies are preparing an ambush for Fisher. Immediately after you regain control of your character, stand in the place shown in the screenshot, thanks to which you can plan your next steps without worrying.

Way through the right side of the hall

Wait until the enemy patrolling the right side of the room finally reaches the area around the stairs where you began to explore this place. Jump over the balustrade and quickly hide behind the first column on the right. Now you need to break through between the columns, best of all by pressing the correct key / button. This will reduce your risk of being discovered. It’s good to know that in a dangerous situation you can climb the pillars you pass by. However, this is not necessary.

Take the last step only after the enemy with the shield turns to the columns located to the left of the starting point. At the same time, make sure that none of the remaining enemies is looking at the exit from this place. Pass the enemy with a shield and go to the exit door.

Additional Panther / Attack game style tips: Enemies with shields are immune to most common attacks, such as tear gas grenades or sleeping gas. The only effective way to tear them down is to kill them from behind. Visit Empire Market using only the verified original URLs and links of all popular Darknet Markets.