The most gambling nation in the world

Gambling, always find their regular customers and true connoisseurs. Through numerous studies, a rating of the most devoted fans of gambling entertainment has been created. At first, many believed that the United States, France and Great Britain took the top first place, but this is a big mistake. The most avid lovers of gambling entertainment are Australians. The entire gambling business is subject to strict control by the state, which makes it legal. Based on this, all the contributions of the players take part in the development of the state and replenishment of its budget. As for the Americans, they do not spend large sums on gambling, unlike the Austrians.
Gambling and their fans
Given the data from 2019, it could be said that the most gambling people are Finns. This conclusion was made by the Association of slot machines RAY. All this is due to the fact that residents have the highest costs for this type of business. On average, one player spends 61 euros per half year. Residents of this country attract gambling into their lives, almost every week. As a percentage, 80% of the population cannot live without gambling. Such indicators are understandable, because Finnish legislation, related to this business area, is very loyal, which allowed opening many establishments. Passing by, it is very difficult to resist and very often, such a game becomes unplanned, but also interesting and exciting.
If we take the indicators of 2019, they are the same as in 2018. Studies have shown that the most gambling are the Austrians. They spend about $ 1,000 a year on gambling.
Depending on the situation, rating indicators may change, but the leading places are also assigned to their winners. According to many studies, including Global Betting and Gaming Consultants (GBGC), Australia has won first place for several years and is recognized as the most gambling nation on the planet. The operators of the British gambling business Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, Bet 365 and William Hill saw the full potential of such a direction in Australia and quickly issued licenses for the provision of their services in this place. Sports betting became the most accentuating segment, but most of the profits came from the poker slot machine segment, which makes up 50%, and casinos, which enjoy special attention from tourists from China - 20%.
Most gambling suppliers
In second place was the supplier of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, which focuses on horse racing bets in Hong Kong. Next is Canada, which shows good performance in the direction of the casino. Italy offers many slots, which are under the control of the government and increase the profit from taxes on gambling. The UK is not so popular in the direction of gambling, but despite this, there are its lovers of gambling. Each year, studies are conducted that show which country is the biggest fan of gambling.
The most gambling nation - top 10
I compose the top ten, taking into account many factors that helped determine in sequence what the most gambling nation is. This publication was created by the consulting company H2 Gambling Capital group, which is located in London. At the same time, the costs of gambling entertainment per person were taken into account:
Spain is in tenth place, accounting for $ 418 per adult in gambling costs.
Ninth place belongs to Greece. Despite the extensive crisis, gambling enthusiasts continue their fascinating pursuit, spending an average of $ 420.
Norway came in eighth place, with 88% of the population engaged in gambling.
In seventh place is Hong Kong, in which horse racing, betting on football and lotteries are in special demand.
Italy takes the sixth place, poker rooms of different directions are in special demand here.
Finland is in fifth place, with 41% of the population gambling every week.
Canada is in fourth place, with a population of around $ 568 per adult.
An honorable third place is Ireland. Here, online gambling is especially popular.
Second place in gambling costs went to Singapore. The cost of games is about $ 1,174 per person, which is a high figure. The first casino, which was opened not so long ago, is catching up with Macau in terms of its performance.
And finally, Australia takes the first and deserved place, and what does it lead in all respects. £3 minimum deposit casino uk