Regulate loads on hunting grounds

By the beginning of 1989, in our (Murmansk) region, the State Service for the Protection of the Animal World was staffed by hunting specialists, more or less provided with equipment. Accounting work, tracking of ungulates, predator extermination, and hunting grounds protection became satisfactory.

Now, for meager wages, hunters and huntsmen will have to maximize the production of hunting and by-products in the long-depleted areas of the Kola North to the detriment of animal welfare and the fight against poaching, which is the number one problem in hunting.

But in the area there is a whole army of amateur hunters who can do a lot for the protection and reproduction of animals. After all, it is their direct responsibility. For a long time, the Union of Hunters believes that those who do not protect and breed animals should not hunt.

Members of the society of hunters from year to year reduce activity in the protection of their farms. When considering the results of labor participation by type of work, it turned out that the protection of land by amateur hunters in 1985 was 15.3%, and in 1988 - 9%, biotechnical measures - 19% and 13%, respectively. At the same time, chores have increased from 24% to 37.3%.

What, in your opinion, are the ways to intensify the hunting economy in the region? What should be done to get out of this, to put it mildly, predicament?

Given the trend of industrial development of the national economy of the Murmansk region, the steady growth of the population (up to 1,323,000 by 2005), the measures taken to accelerate economic and social development, it seems appropriate to implement the following measures to improve the hunting economy in the region.

The time has come to work on the on-farm hunting management of assigned hunting farms and state reserves. Develop a plan for their development.

It is necessary to calculate the scientifically based loads of hunters on the land with the obligatory regulation of the game hunting quota.

It is necessary to increase the area of ​​reserves - hunting game reserves.

It is time to organize a national park on the southeastern coast of the Kola Peninsula "Tersky Bereg" with the allocation of plots for commercial and sport hunting.

It is advisable to transfer the functions of the fur collector to the hunting management department of the region.

Currently, intensive hunting is impossible without breeding animals. It is necessary to create farms for captive breeding of otter, wolverine and other valuable native species due to a reduction in their numbers; study the possibility of breeding Canadian goose on the lake. Imandra and continue to work on the maintenance of a nogging economy in other waters.

The Kola Peninsula attracts a huge number of tourists. You can organize several hunting, tourist and environmental routes in the tundra areas for Soviet and foreign citizens.

This is only a small part of the activities that must be carried out to intensify the hunting economy of the region. And this work can not be put off in the "long box". electrician fort lauderdale fl