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Review of the film & quot; Avengers War of Infinity & quot; (2018) - did Marvel do it again?

After the events of the & quot; Civil War & quot; and the emergence of new characters in the universe before us again there was a situation where between the characters there are different views on the situation, which lead to disputes. Moreover, all these characters are well-known and understood by fans of the universe, for them only a small allusion to the personality and beliefs of the hero is needed - but thirdly, “The Avengers”, well tried, so that these were not allusions, namely, personalities and beliefs. So, for those who followed the history of the universe, the actions of Stark, and Strange, and Parker, and Star Knight, and Thor, and the like, are better understood. Yes, not all the lines have received full development and attention to the characters - for example, the line of the Cap and Wakanda teams, they are overshadowed by the relationship of Wanda (the Scarlet Witch) and Vision, which draw attention to the very end in the final. And at least for me, for example, it would be interesting to look at the communication of Bruce Banner and the Black Widow after two years of separation - unfortunately, this line does not receive anything at all.

But even within the limits of those limited two and a half hours, Rousseau's abilities cope remarkably well - at least not by 10 points out of 10, but by 9 for sure. This is exactly the union that is the essence of the crossover - organic and dynamic.

That's what the crossover on 11 points out of 10 - so this action. At the moment - the best action. In & quot; X-Men: Apocalypse & quot; one of the moments that was very annoying - that the Apocalypse did not use its capabilities at all in its confrontation with the Xavier team. This is not the case. Here Thanos does not hesitate to use his strength and those of the Stones, and in order to prevent him, the heroes have to combine their capabilities and abilities. This teamwork against a powerful antagonist is something that kinokomiks have long lacked. Complement all the opposition with the servants of Thanos, who are also quite strong. Also worked well on the battle scenes from the point of view of the protagonists. The amazing armor of Tony Stark, the magical artifacts of Steven Strange, the Iron Spider costume by Peter Parker, the interaction of the Black Widow and Okaya, the soldiers of Wakanda against the monsters of Thanos, and, of course, the unshaven Captain in a black suit.

And one more successful element of the third & quot; Avengers & quot; - this is Thanos. No matter how much they praised Zemo or, for some reason, Eric & quot; The Hand of Death & quot; but he is the best antagonist of the marvel of the Universe. If not the story, then the personality of the titan is revealed, his motives are frightening, and his sense of purpose is striking. The death of his native world is the cause of his actions, and he simply does not want other worlds to die as well. However, how Thanos wants to achieve this is another matter. He is the one for whom the end justifies the means - although the goal is terrible, and the means. But he is confident that his goals are noble, and he has evidence.

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