Review of the movie "My Man" (2014)

I have a dilemma, a big one, and certainly not solvable. I do not feel like praising the film - I was not impressed. There is, however, a slight nuance - the picture irritates the conservative and the older public, which means that there is something interesting and important in it. Art should evoke emotions. I need to try and not turn into a lawyer for the movie "My Man".

The understanding of erotic and violent in Asian cultures is completely different from ours. If to Europeans and Americans under the influence of Christianity something seems vulgar, almost pornographic, then Asians, and especially the Japanese, just a hint of continuation. Violence is still more difficult. Asian cinema, in general, the way out to the world through it found. European and Hollywood cinema in the light of all restrictions has long and almost completely got rid of violence and sex. Rare film is not ashamed to show cruelty. Against this background and increased Asian revelations of the language.

The regime of a lawyer: do not blame the cinema for immorality and excessive cruelty. By the standards of Japan, all at a fairly decent level.

By tradition, the Japanese film can boast of its colors, artwork, bright nyashnymi girls and periodic surrealism. It's familiar, but still, it's very nice to watch. & quot; My man & quot; tries to present on the new emotional level the next forbidden feelings. Sometimes it succeeds, but often the director rushes to some unknown distance. In general, he is silent and looks at the ocean, not at the viewer.

Work with the audience is carried out constantly. Starting with the first frames and an unexpected prediction of the future, with the help of editing inserts with editing and music to concentrate attention. On the other hand, some scene-forming scenes disappear from time to time. The steward justifies this by wanting to give viewers the opportunity to think independently about events and actions. The approach is not always justified and entails a loss of attention in watching movies.

The authors of the film succeeded in something that Russian cinema can not achieve during the last decade. They managed to show the bottom of the Japanese society and not go to the chernukha. They do not even use the beloved aesthetic in Russia. Here, beauty is not arbitrary, it is clear to everyone, regardless of upbringing and education.

The desire to screen a scandalous novel is natural, but you must also have some kind of inner fire, burn with history. This in the film is not enough. Some decisions, obviously, are dictated more by knowledge of skills, handicrafts than by the need for a plot or an emotional message. Such decisions are annoying and make the film less watchable.

The regime of the lawyer: suddenly learned that the theme of incest for Japan is taboo. She is avoided. Probably, the director wanted to wipe his nose with more famous colleagues.

Ambiguous movie. He tries to combat prejudice, but goes into aesthetics; tries to talk about complex relationships and taboos, but is lost in metaphors. In my opinion, & quot; My man & quot; will be remembered for a long time by the last scene, which besides being very beautiful, gives rise to a lot of opinions. Thousands of free sex cam models performing live on their webcam in various categories. Random Sex Chat. Click “Random” to connect instantly with a random live girl for cam to cam video chat. More Cool Features. Change your nickname and fonts, add models to a favorites list. Find the best live sexy young girl with big tits fucked on web cam. View a cam show with one of our beautiful girls now.