Website promotion on the Internet or outdoor advertising?

Nowadays, in the age of technology, Internet advertising is beginning to quietly push into the background any other - through television, billboards, distribution of leaflets, etc. This happens for a number of reasons, which include:
• Availability. Advertising left on the Internet is publicly available to a representative of any country, anywhere in the world, if he so wishes. In addition to individual specific cases, the user is not tied to his location to see it - nowadays the Internet is almost always available, be it a stationary computer, laptop, communicator, tablet or phone, which are now available to everyone with any salary level.
• Cheap. Website promotion on the Internet is much cheaper than placing advertisements on stands, on shop windows or distributing through promotion, and also requires much less time. There is no need to pay, in addition to the monthly payment for direct advertising, the amount for the purchase of materials and workers, and the constant maintenance of their activities.
• Stability. Proper website promotion on the Internet always happens quickly, and it is there for a long time, if paid. If the method consists in promotion through search engines, then due to the constantly growing rating, a steady increase in the number of buyers is formed. Outdoor advertising may not be seen, poorly placed or even sabotaged.
• Effectiveness. A competently promoted resource is much more likely to be seen than any outdoor advertising, as it is always open for access. Traditional advertising can be inaccessible due to various reasons: off time, darkness, low coverage, and so on.
• Increasing the number of customers. Unlike outdoor advertising, website promotion on the Internet is not a local program, thereby attracting people from the most unexpected places. For example, a person from a suburb may simply never see a billboard in the city center, but if there is a connection, he will easily notice it on the Internet.
To summarize, the promotion of web resources wins from outdoor advertising in all respects, even with inconsiderate and inactive comparison. This can only speak about its effectiveness. The only disadvantage is its relative novelty, however, if other “advertisers” do not actively use it, then why not start them before them?