Purchase of varnish for parquet - consumer issues

One of the main questions is the following: how to choose parquet varnish for strength. We can talk about any variants of two-component varnishes. You can choose a water base, and then you will get a lacquer without a smell, able to quickly dry. Experts recommend lacquers with acid-type hardeners, which have the effect of ignition, but with a smell that disappears a week after the coating. True, the varnish guarantees high strength to mechanical influences.

Many questions are asked about water parquet varnish. This is one of the most popular varieties, which has a short drying time and is completely odorless. How to varnish a parquet floor, made on the basis of an aqueous solution? It is worth mentioning the simplicity of working with this kind of varnish, as well as the simple care of it. It is necessary to name the parameters of the strength of the lacquer film and its unique beauty.

Users are important to know about the merits of polyurethane varnishes. These positive qualities are so many that they clearly outweigh a small range of shortcomings. Work with them should begin with a careful study of the specification, since there are many differences between the different modifications. Before starting the application of the polyurethane lacquer, prepare to keep the fresh lacquer film for the entire period of its drying.

How to paint the floor in rooms with high humidity? The purpose of parquet varnish is to protect against a small amount of moisture and mechanical effects. There is a variety of so-called yacht lacquer, and we are talking about a marketing ploy. To protect wooden surfaces in rooms with a high level of humidity, you should use specific varieties of lacquer with the strongest film.

Many apartment owners are interested in how to varnish the wooden floor, so that there is no smell in the room, and the ecological parameters of the wood were preserved. It is worth paying attention to varieties of varnishes based on aqueous solution. These varnishes have the shortest drying period. About the shades of parquet varnish. If you read on the label that the varnish is colorless, then, most likely, this varnish has a water base. In other varnishes, alkyd or with acidic hardeners, there is an amber tint in the composition, which is transferred to the wooden surface. They say that lacquers have the effect of ignition.

Are there any varieties of colored parquet varnishes? For the covering of wood, acrylic colored varnishes are used, but not for covering the parquet, since they have insufficient strength. For tinting floors use special compounds. Please, visit xxx website with free porn videos with beautiful girls - you will be fascinated.