A trip to the sea

It was the beginning of January. It remained to pass only two exams of the winter session in order to plunge into the world of well-deserved rest. At the very beginning of the semester, it was decided that we would celebrate this business with a trip to the sea. Tickets for the plane to Egypt were purchased in advance, in Moscow it was not difficult to buy vouchers. It remained quite a bit before the plane takes us to the warm edge. And finally, this beautiful moment has come.

During the flight, the mood, my friends and I were beautiful. We joked, laughed, drank champagne. Arriving in Egypt, we sat down on the bus that drove us to the hotel. The hotel was huge, and gardens were blooming around.
At dinner, I saw a guy chatting nicely with a bartender. In the meantime, the guys came to me one by one. After a while he came too. He asked me if guys always come to me so often. So we met. He had black hair and blue eyes. Smooth nose and plump lips. Long eyelashes and thick eyebrows. His name was Alexander. He came from St. Petersburg. We chatted a little more and went to our numbers. So was the first day of vacation.
The next morning, Alexander and I crossed on the beach. I had a desire to get to know him better. Fortunately, our desires coincided. We talked about everything. The days of our holiday also coincided. Later, we met after dinner in one of the bars overlooking the sea. We walked to my room to leave my hat in the room, and after 10 minutes he greedily kissed me right on my bed. It was one of the best nights in my life.
The next day we did not move away from each other a single step. We walked, kissed, swam in the sea. Together ate and dabbled. I was very happy at that time. Time passed very quickly and intensely.
We spent the last day of rest as usual. Having fun, swimming, drinking champagne. I did not want to leave, but I had to. Before we left, we swore to each other for a long time in love, and promised that we would definitely meet again.
Upon arrival, I shared what happened with friends. They assured me that it was a resort millet romance. After all, the very atmosphere of relaxation has to love.
Sasha and I called up every day. A month has passed, and I have already started to get used to everyday life. I realized that it was just a bright beautiful picture. In due course we began to call up less often. And later, they stopped altogether.
However, I never tried to forget it. It was an experience and a little adventure that will forever remain in my heart. ccshop