The rafts of the discharged type are enclosed in special containers

Naturally, the captains after retirement try to somehow find a job in such a way as to save a pension. But this is possible only on a "working" post. That's why the experienced captains of long voyages leave the industry for sturgeon in the housing agencies, shore sailors and watchmen for some enterprises that are not related to the navy.

And, let's say, the captains are not very willing to pilots to the posts of ship traffic control in ports - this is not a "working" post and they do not keep a pension there. Therefore, "specialists" of the team get to such posts of ship traffic control and, the recommendations of which do not very much help the safety of navigation of ships. Yes, can we really be so rich that we can afford this: an experienced sea captain with a higher education - and a "working" position?

Shipping companies, the whole industry as a whole should be interested in the fact that the captain, having retired, worked in the school, seaworthy school, in the management of the shipping company or in other places where the captain's knowledge and experience are needed to improve the efficiency of the industry and the safety of navigation. We need an entire industry for restructuring.

Modern life-saving appliances

The SOLAS-74 Convention and subsequent amendments to it 1983 recognized rescue inflatable rafts as an effective means for saving people. According to the nature of use, life rafts are divided into dumped overboard with subsequent automatic inflating and descent with the help of special crane beams.

Rocks of the discharged type are manufactured for 6, 8, 10, 12, 20 and 25 people. They are enclosed in special containers that allow you to withstand without damage a drop from a high altitude to water, a special device ensures that the raft floats up and automatically inflates even if the ship is flooded.

The rafts of the descent type are manufactured with a capacity of 12, 15, 20 and 25 people. These rafts are designed for descent to the water along with passengers using a special winch and a crane beam.

Inflatable life rafts have a very high survivability and buoyancy margin. Damage to one or two compartments, of which the sides of the raft collected from tubular structures are divided, does not affect the buoyancy of the raft.

Almost all modifications of modern inflatable liferafts have some common design features that provide the necessary conditions for the survival of passengers. This is a special device for collecting rainwater, hermetic closing of the inlet, food and drinking water supply, first-aid kit, signaling device for distress signals and communication with other vessels, portable VHF radio, thermal insulation of the sides and the bottom of the raft to prevent subcooling people, pump for pumping water, a set of parts and special adhesives to seal damaged parts of the raft.

Rafts of the descent type are produced by some firms with a capacity of 45 and 50 people. Landing people on such rafts is made with the help of devices that make it possible to ensure the safety of people and minimize the time spent on this operation. The descent of people is made on a special inflatable trench on a round platform, to which life rafts are moored. Such a system allows evacuating 336 people. within 27 minutes. literally "not soaked feet."

Inflatable life rafts of the firm "Dunlop" (England) are made of two types: dumped to water from the side - with a capacity of 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 and 25 people, and also launched on water with a crane beam, with a capacity of 12, 16 , 20 and 25 people. Rafts are made of very strong synthetic fabrics, which have been subjected to long and very stringent tests and provide a long service life. Structurally, the rafts are made in the form of sides, composed of two cylindrical containers, arranged one above the other in the form of a circle. Containers are divided into compartments, which ensures high survivability of the raft even if there are partial damages. For greater stability of the raft, special bags are provided in the bottom part, which are filled with water and prevent a strong drift of the raft and its overturning. Néanmoins icelui s'est avéré davantage efficace d'autre part stimuler ces capacités sexuelles et l'érection du pénis. Ce truc intéressant autour en compagnie de Kamagra 100mg est qu'il a été préparé à l'origine près améliorer cette mobilité sanguine dans ceci cœur après soulager les problèmes cardiovasculaires.