Inventor Patents and Mass Production

In a number of cases, the inventor did not make a patent application until the company carried out the “refinement” of the invention, and after that they filed a joint patent. Since patenting is expensive, both sides saved on this, in the event that additional work and marketing opportunities in the market forced in the end to abandon this idea.

The selection of appropriate firms for certain offers did not go beyond the scope of a quick sorting procedure. We had at our fingertips an extensive list of all the industrial firms in Birmingham - about 2,200 small firms alone - and the assortment of their products. In each individual case, preference was given to the smallest association that could manufacture and market this product, since we believed that such a union could respond more quickly to our proposal. Moreover, the invention would give the greatest results in this case. If it turned out that a really good offer could be lost due to the fact that it went beyond the range of products manufactured in Birmingham, we looked for a suitable industrial company in another place - sometimes at a distance of up to 160 km. Cooperation with companies was so close that often, if they could not master the production, they themselves recommended who to contact.

Thanks to the "Project 1971", many companies were able to sell products at a low cost that they could not even think of developing and developing, including one product that otherwise would probably be manufactured outside the United The kingdom. I and other industry liaison officers have consistently accepted offers of a wide variety of assistance regarding new types of products. We attracted experts to guide in the field of production economics, industrial design, the use of materials and technological processes that are new to manufacturers. This was precisely the work that could be expected from a technological university collaborating with industry, especially in the field of stimulation and the search for new opportunities. In turn, many representatives of industrial circles got acquainted with the field of activity and tasks of the university.

The “Bank of Ideas” in Aston is constantly growing as new proposals arrive. As one of his “contributors” stated, “I have always been told that my idea is not bad and that I should send it somewhere, but until now I did not know where this“ somewhere ”is.” 5 dollar minimum deposit casino