Description of films # 009

1. Criminals are going to rob the US Federal Treasury. The plan is thought out to the smallest detail, the tellers are confident in the success of the upcoming operation. Now it remains to wait for suitable circumstances. After some time, it becomes known that a hurricane will fall on the coast. This is exactly the moment that the bandits were waiting for. While people will be saved from the storm, attackers will take $ 600 million.

Having made their way into the building and seized a huge amount of money, the robbers are about to leave. However, neither they nor meteorologists did not imagine how widespread the riot of nature would be. Scientists assign the elements of category 5 - the maximum and most dangerous. The villains did not prepare for such a development of events, therefore, stuck with the stolen in the building, they do not know what to do next.

Thieves are trying to find new ways to escape, for this they take a treasury agent hostage, who has access to all premises, including those that cannot be reached without a code. In addition to the storm raging on the street, the criminals have a new problem - a certain person who is going to stop them from fleeing with stolen finances. The hurricane is getting worse, and among raiders the desire to escape begins to dominate the desire to get rich.

2. September 11, the twin towers fall, burying a large number of people underneath. The very next day, Mitch Nelson and many other volunteers pay a visit to the recruiting station. Each of the arrivals expresses a desire to avenge the terrorists for the tragedy. The warlords organize a special unit, which is instructed to lead the brave captain Nelson.

The U.S. Army leadership is sending the newly formed unit to the very epicenter of hostilities, where a threat lurks among the Afghan sands. The brave men will have to fight in absolutely unusual conditions, and they will ride on horses. The support of the American team are the same in appearance Muslims who recently committed a terrorist attack in New York.

It is extremely difficult for soldiers to understand who is a supporter of a despotic regime here and who is an adversary. There is no trust between the groups, and a fierce opponent trained to fight to the last breath, well-equipped and predominant in number, is not going to expect an invitation to battle. While the Americans and unexpected allies come to an understanding, the enemy takes them in a ring. Once trapped, the fighters will be able to get out only thanks to courage and love for the motherland. Imagine that there is a place on earth where you can talk to people about the most intimate and erotic topics. Watch the best porn selections from video chats on webcam girls young (18+) want to have virtual online erodate! Come and enjoy communication with beautiful Watch video porn Webcam Group sex live sex on webcam Amateur sexy video chat. The main influx of audience on this resource is users from the United States of America.