Description of films # 121

1. Casey is a young travel enthusiast all the way. He is attracted by everything alien and unknown in this world. Discovering new cities and countries, he, like a sponge, absorbs the customs and traditions of different nations. In an effort to discover new horizons every day, he is supported by a charming companion. Together they traveled half of Europe, and the old car is ready for further adventures. The couple also have an interesting feature: they are attracted by the idea of ​​making love in the most incredible and amazing places on this planet. So lovers spend their days winding thousands of kilometers on the speedometer of a car. Another trip brings them to Germany, famous for its incredible autobahns. In anticipation of soon interesting discoveries, the couple lose their vigilance and find themselves drawn into the dismantling of two local gangs.

The term for smuggling looms before young people if they do not hide from bandits on time. In a foreign country, they don’t have to rely on the help of the police, and all they have is the road. To survive and hide from persecution, they face a deadly race. The situation becomes critical when the characters realize that the pursuers know German autobahns as the back of their hand, while they are forced to rely only on intuition.

2. Like all the boys, two brothers, Harold and Desmond, they spent all their childhood in fights. They shared toys, entered into fierce disputes and unleashed battles without regret. Their father Tom never separated the boys and watched their battles from the side. Once in the heat of another quarrel Desmond took a brick and struck his brother in the head with a strong blow. This moment was a turning point in the fate of both brothers. While Harold was brought back to life and bandaged up, his brother looked at a picture where seven sins were depicted and realized that he had practically crossed the line. “Don’t kill” - this very serious sin was almost committed by the boy. From this moment he completely rethought his behavior and the fights between the brothers ended.

15 years have passed. Desmond became a church employee and met a charming nurse. Soon he intended to marry her. He was keen on medicine, and could become a doctor if it were not for the war. Harold goes to the front, and his brother decides to volunteer. He is well versed in medicine and is sure that he can save many lives. But already during training, he begins to have problems. He goes through all the training well, but refuses to take up arms. He is beaten and humiliated, but he firmly stands his ground - he will never kill another person. It was time to go to the front, and Desmond found himself in a bloody carousel. Will he be able to maintain his principles? casino låg insättning