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Far to the north for mining, scientists have established a base called "Glacier". This base functioned perfectly and was useful for the time being until unexplained events began to occur. Several years passed and on the basis of a mysterious way people began to disappear. At first, no one paid special attention to the events and people did not immediately miss it. But, after a while it became clear that what is happening is not just an accident. Over time, their number increased at times, and no one could explain what is happening there. People began to fear this place.

Anna and Herbert adore mysterious and mysterious adventures. And each time they found new, interesting incidents in which they could participate. They are not afraid of strange circumstances and mystery, all this is an interesting game for them. After learning about the disappearance of scientists, they decide to conduct their investigation. After collecting warm clothes, Anna and Herbert go on a journey. Arriving at the base, they understand that the people who worked here have disappeared without a trace. After a few hours of staying on the "Glacier" Anna begins to notice that someone is watching them. Will new guests of the mysterious base be able to get to the bottom of the truth?

Attack of sharks in New Jersey (2012)

A terrible legend goes to the USA about one of the famous beaches in New Jersey. Some people believe in it, although it looks like a frightening tale. This beach has always beckoned to many vacationers, because it was beautiful and picturesque. And the water here was warmer than in other places. But the legend and frightening events did their job, people began to be afraid to visit this beach. They say that about a hundred years ago several great sharks came to the shores. Which were completely different from their counterparts. They were too clever and cunning. Huge fish attacked a group of tourists. They could not imagine that they would be awaited by a terrible death from sharp fangs. But, their holiday was destined to end too badly. To survive, miraculously repulsed from the terrible jaws of monsters, it was possible only one of the group of tourists.

After these events, a little less than a hundred years have passed, and this incident has been forgotten. The company of young people goes to the same beach to celebrate a small festive event. Of course, none of them believe in a terrible legend. And in vain! Sharks of an unknown species have been waiting for new human blood for many years. Votre médecin détermine qui l'activité sexuelle présente rare danger au contraire la santé. Vous-même avez bizarre sensibilité ou bien seul allergie connue à complet composant en compagnie de Levitra. L'utilisation en compagnie de Levitra générique n'offre aucune protection près les penchant sexuellement transmissibles.