Few steps to your dream figure

Each of us set a goal to lose weight and every time since Monday or after the next holiday. And it remained only with a dream. Monday was postponed until next Monday, and the holidays did not end. As psychologists say, start here and now, not tomorrow.
1. Start to get up for half an hour, and preferably an hour earlier. You will have time for morning exercises. Finish your morning exercises always with a strap. Extend the time bar each time for 5 seconds. And the energy charge for the whole day is guaranteed.
2. Drink a glass of water on an empty stomach, start up your body. Take a small bottle of water with you. Drink during the day is a must.
3. Breakfast should be tasty and healthy. In the morning it is desirable to eat carbohydrates. It can be a variety of cereals. Just do not put in them butter, milk, only fruit and dairy products without sugar. Sweeten everything can be honey. Tasty and healthy.
4. If it is hard to say goodbye to the usual diet, then add more vegetables to your diet.
You can even make one of the meals with vegetables.
5. Cook food all day. Then you don’t have to think about something to eat lunch or something to eat. Breakdowns in food will be excluded.
6. Reduce the consumption of sweet. For example: today I will eat one candy less.
7. Learn to replace fast carbohydrates with healthy foods.
8. Buy kitchen scales, see how much you eat at one meal. Slow portions on the sly. Bring over time to normal 250-300gr.
9. More movement. Go to work on foot, at least one stop. And think about training. They are needed and useful at any age.
10. Reduce alcohol consumption. Today, one pile or glass less. Reduce it once a week on weekends.
11. A lot of time in the evening? Find a hobby. Do something.
a) Remember what you wanted in childhood. Make the dream come true.
b) Get a dog. Take care and walk her.
c) Learn to cook tasty and healthy food. A lot of recipes, you just need to want.
12. Start a notebook for counting calories. Use no more than 1200kkal per day, but not less. For counting now many calculators and various applications. If there are any failures and weight began to gain, then you will immediately see what the problem is.
13. Stress, experiencing all this is not the best way affects health. Under stress, the person begins to recover. Put on some relaxing music or take a scented bath. Take some time to relieve stress.
If you start to use tips, you will soon see a change in yourself, and accordingly your attitude to yourself will change. And life will sparkle with bright colors. You could be having a serious side effect of Viagra sans ordonnance , or if you have sudden vision loss or have any of these signs of allergic reactions like hives.