Materials for warming a wooden house

The disadvantages of frame houses

Timber frame houses have a slight flaw that manifests itself during the heating season. Part of the heat from the house goes outside, so heat losses are generated. Therefore, materials with a high resistance to heat transfer should be used as insulation.
The question arises: is there any benefit to spend money on insulation? To do this, find out what components this home decoration consists of. The components are: cladding on the inside of the house, vapor barrier, special insulation, wind protection, air gap with ventilation, as well as external cladding.
Elements of insulation

When warming it is impossible to do without waterproofing, vapor barrier, and since heaters (fiberglass, etc.) do not allow steam to pass through, ventilation is necessary. At the same time, the air flow removes excess moisture and does not allow it to condense from the outside of the house.
Waterproofing is also a prerequisite for good insulation, since without it, firstly, there will be no protection from precipitation, and secondly, in the winter period, heaters perform a much worse function of thermal insulation. Protection from the wind is also necessary, since there are always cracks in the decoration of the house, which are 100% impossible to seal. In terms of hydro and wind protection, it is good to use a superdiffusion membrane, which passes steam from the inside of the house.
If, in order to save money, a poor-quality or vapor-tight material is established, a greenhouse effect is formed, that is, the cooled air will linger in the insulation layer and as a result moisture condensation will form. This will lead to freezing of moisture in the walls of the house, which after thawing will provoke the process of decay of the tree. To avoid this, it is necessary to use all the layers of insulation described above.
So, what are the points that are important for quality insulation? Firstly, the insulation must be dry, otherwise it ceases to fulfill its functions. However, when the temperature decreases, moisture condensation occurs. To prevent this, it is necessary to create a vapor barrier, which will require vapor barrier materials. These materials, in the form of rolls, are able to maintain the thermal insulation properties of the insulation for a long time. They are mounted either horizontally or vertically from the inside of the wall, located close to the thermal insulation. To make the seams airtight, butyl rubber connecting tapes are used. To date, this method of warming a frame wooden house is the most effective. Play Pin Up Casino online. Videoslots, pin-up girls in real games.