Site keywords - basic terms

Keywords are of paramount importance in website promotion in search engines. The process of promotion itself begins only after the webmaster has decided on the keywords (after all, it is for them that semantics will subsequently be collected and the content will be “honed”). Play best Y8 Games at the website.

However, it is not enough just to know what keywords are and how to select them correctly. You must also be aware of terms such as keyword density, keyword weight, keyword frequency, etc. Below we will try to decipher for you all these terms.

This is a special indicator that displays the percentage of a specific keyword in a specific amount of text (as a rule, this is a text placed on one page). When setting a job for writing SEO-text, the indicator of key density is most often mentioned. A similar term in English - keyword ratio. As mentioned above, measured in percent. Calculate keyword density quite easily. You need to know how many words are contained in the text and how many keywords are contained there. The number of keywords is divided by the total number of words and multiplied by 100%.

This is a kind of abstract value that characterizes the importance of a specific keyword for a search engine. Key weight depends on many factors. First, on where the word is located (in which part of the page or content area). The word may be in the title, subtitle (in this case, its weight is more). The word may be in the first sentence of the article or somewhere in the middle. It can be used in the surrogate text of the image (alt and title). Secondly, the key weight depends on how the key is highlighted in the text.

And it can be highlighted in bold, italic, underline, a different color. The greatest weight can be given to the word when using only one (maximum two) simultaneous formatting methods. If you use all at once, the search engine can consider this word as spam.

The indicator allows you to adjust the key weight depending on various conditions. For example, depending on the subject of the site, some keywords may not be taken into account by the search engine, may be attributed to stop words. Or the weight of individual keywords may be reduced due to excessive frequency of use.