Masonry tile number 3

Facing the premises, do not close the door. The adhesive may have toxic properties. Provide yourself ventilation, but rather buy a harmless adhesive solution.

Tile trim

Using the row shift method, a cut piece of tile will serve as the beginning of the next row. However, if you chose a different method of cladding, then, retreating a certain distance from both walls, lay out the canvas. Then fill the resulting space from two sides, cutting the tiles.

On the freshly laid floor is better not to step. Use a massive board, lay it on top and walk on it if necessary.

Due to the lack of perfectly even surfaces of walls and floors, starting to trim the tiles, measure it individually. The tile is cut with a tile cutter, and then, using pliers, break off the cut part. The cut side is ground with a file or sandpaper.

If the tile is shockproof in addition to the tile cutter, it is cut with a grinder. You need to cut immediately, not yet glued to the floor. Otherwise, you can damage the tile from the inside. And the formation of internal defects of the tile later can bring many problems during its operation.

The floor of the bathroom can be laid:

• water taps,

• various types of plumbing pipes,

• mounting boxes,

• A built-in wardrobe can be mounted on the floor.

All these details must be taken into account when laying tiles on the floor. It takes maximum patience and all its accuracy to circumvent these obstacles and not to spoil the aesthetic appearance of our sex.

If the hole is small, we use a diamond drill bit when drilling. It is better to drill a large hole with a crown having a diamond coating. For non-standard holes we use a jigsaw and a tungsten file.

The holes can be drilled in advance along the contour. When using a jigsaw for cutting, you should not rush, you can damage the tile or ruin the tool. If something cannot be drilled, cut the tile in half.

Laying tiles on the wall

Before starting to wall the wall, ground it and make the necessary notes on what and where of the items you need will be placed. Carry out the preparatory phase of the foundation, eliminating errors, removing unnecessary coatings. Insulate the wall using special tools for this.

Tiles should be laid first with whole tiles, and then lay out the rows using trimmed tiles. When trimming, be sure to measure each one individually to exactly match the size.

When facing, do you offset the rows? Do not forget to use the rest of the tile from one row as the beginning of the next row.

Complementing your interior with various mirrors, shelves, lamps, making sockets, mounting switches, do not forget to mark the wall. Mark the location of the mirror and try to have the same number of tiles on both sides.

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