Brick fence - marble stain remover

A brick fence is chosen by people who want to secure their housing and at the same time have a sufficient amount of funds and time. The appearance of the grand wall of this material inspires reverence and evokes the idea of ​​an inaccessible fortress. By attracting specialists to its construction, you can be sure that such a house fence will remain unchanged for several decades, without requiring any attention. If the territory that you protect is located in a place where there is no special moisture and highways, then its service life may last from 50 to 60 years. Another advantage of the fence of this building material is its undemanding. By installing it once, you can forget about it, because it does not need to be painted, it does not need finishing and lubrication.

Its immaculate height is 3, 5 meters, it is this height that will make it possible to hide from the eyes of passers-by the territory behind the fence and everything that happens in the house itself. Usually a brick fence is made in the form of spans, whose dimensions are 5-10 meters. The spans are separated by pillars, which consist of a pipe, embedded in the base and surrounded by a brick on the outside.

A metal construction having a sharp upper part is considered a practically necessary part of the fence. It is located on top of the fence and performs as an aesthetic function, and protective. This design has a height in the range of twenty-five - marble stain remover.

Before you begin the construction of such a structure, workers dig a trench equal to the length of the fence. Its depth is determined by the terrain, in most cases it is equal to the depth of freezing of the earth. Following the excavated trench, pillars are introduced into it, which are subsequently made of brick. The pillars will become a kind of fencing decor. Concrete that will hold the pillars, and then the entire fence, must necessarily include gravel, helping the fence to become stable and durable.

After finishing work on the fence pedestal, the fence itself is erected. This process is similar to the construction of a wall of brick, is absolutely no different. Bricks are attached to each other using a mixture of sand, water, and cement. This mixture is called "concrete". The ratio of the components of the mixture is determined "by eye", builders with experience determine the optimal proportion of the density of the mixture. The mixture should be neither liquid nor thick at the same time, not have lumps and easily be adjusted to the brick.

The brick pattern is due to the imagination of builders, it is necessary to discuss before starting work. For example, a brick that was laid down vertically will give the impression that the fence has "collapsed on its side." There are clutches that create a feeling of winding fencing above the ground, but the standard clutch looks good as well, which brings to mind the ancient castles of England, causing an archaic mood.

The disadvantages of the construction of brick blocks is considered to be their considerable weight, which is in need of a capital foundation. And the cost of a rather big brick. However, not without reason, they are considered prestigious, reliable and aesthetic fences. Always select FloorMedics marble stain remover for best result