King's Quest: The Complete Collection: Review game

The legendary series of King's Quest by the authorship of Roberta Williams (Roberta Williams) and the company Sierra has formed quests in the form in which we know them - the first games always brought something new and unique to the genre, and a fifth in 1990, came up with a classic point - click-interface and added a third-person view. However, since 1998, after the release of the eighth part, the series was officially in suspended animation - except for, of course, numerous fanatical remakes and variations on a given topic. At Telltale Games is , announced in 2011, the official continued, too, it did not work. Therefore, the information that the new King's QuestAfter 17 years, still come out, sounded like a bolt from the blue. And this rumor was extremely pleased with the rumor...

There were, of course, and fears. And the main thing was that the studio Friv5Online will follow in the footsteps of the same Telltale and make another spectacular interactive cinema with a minimum of gameplay, constant QTE and the ubiquitous "moral choice." Especially since the new King's Quest was likewise split into five episodes.

And QTE, and there are moral dilemmas. And in the first half hour - an hour and the gameplay minimum. The aged Graham, who was the hero of the first games of the series and the king of the fairy-tale country of Daventry, tells his granddaughter Gwendolin how he came to life as he overcame the dragon, found the famous magical mirror of Merlin, won the knight tournament and received the throne. And in his memoirs everything turns out very spectacular, easy and simple.

All problems are solved in one click. Found an item - immediately applied it. He twisted one lever - in the other he released an arrow from the bow. Jumped into bed to hide from the dragon. Cut down the tree, forcing us to quickly press the specified key. Went before the "moral choice": how to get rid of the persecution of the same fire-breathing lizard - to hurt him, release him or distract him with a shot at the bell.

And all this is accompanied by spectacular dynamic scenes, peeped in modern action. Here we dashing away from the dragon, trying to avoid obstacles, here we jump over the stone slabs that fall behind us, here we make a controlled fall on the fifth point, here we rush on a raft, shooting from a bow and again desperately pulling the keys. In general, everything is beautiful, fashionable, youthful. In this case, the classic point - click-interface went into oblivion (and along with it, "pixel-hanging") - the mouse is almost not involved.

It seems that there will be another maximum hour in the same spirit, we will be given statistics on the decisions taken and will be sent to wait for the next episode. And we would still have waited and still praised the friv game - because after all the truth is drawn all very beautifully, spectacularly, moreover, it is well pronounced - the voice of the main character was presented to the hero himselfChristopher Lloyd (Christopher Lloyd).

However, to much surprise, in an hour the game is just beginning to unfold. The timing, which Telltale Games suffices for the whole episode, is actually used only for the prologue. No, there will be further bright dynamic scenes, and QTE, and platformer elements, and even arcade races riding a cross between a horse and a hamster. But the authors do not limit themselves to this and competently combine the modern spectacle with classical food for the mind.

How and where to apply the desired object (the farther, the thicker the inventory becomes), in which location to run (and there are many locations, and we are not locked anywhere, allowing to freely explore all available territory), how to win an unusual board game, how to arrange shields so , so that the arrow reflected from them, just hit the tail of the dragon, - there are enough situations that force you to strain the gray matter. And even experiment - some puzzles can be solved in different ways. There are interactive puzzles when we need to listen or collect information to correctly answer questions.

At the same time, the notorious moral choice (use of force, wisdom or compassion) is not imposed on us every five minutes. Such situations occur only in the most important, key moments and are organically woven into history. And most importantly, they have real, tangible consequences. As you do with the troll, with what will come out against the final "boss": with a dagger, potion or... a cake - this will affect the attitude towards the hero of others, and even on the behavior of Gwendolin in the present.

It is from this combination of modern trends, non-linearity and classic quest exercises (let, of course, and somewhat simplified in comparison with the original), and not just another "interactive cinema" is born, but a full-fledged, entertaining and diverse adventure worthy of being the real successor to King's Quest.

creation of The Odd Gentlemen is worthy of this title also because it preserves the very original atmosphere of the fairy tale - both dangerous, touching, fascinating, cozy and funny. One of the characters dies before our eyes, and Graham himself, as before, can die in many different ways - falling into the abyss, trapped, or, for example, to the teeth of wolves in a dark cave. And at the same time, more than once and not two stories make you sincerely smile and laugh.

The heroes of the series have always preferred to leave the most difficult, even tragic, reworkings with joke-jokes, but in a new game of humor, comic situations and funny characters, there are a lot of things - here early creations of the same Telltale Friv Games, for example series Sam Max.

Graham, in his memoirs, proposes to insert a huge loaf of bread in place of a broken wheel (although there are other equally fun options), sails away on a blanket from the dragon, simulates an accident, conducts a psychotherapy session for a narcissistic knight, and rides on guards. And even makes friends with a talking walking bridge, in the quality of which stands ... a huge troll. And then he also dances hilariously together with his same big girlfriend, who speaks with a notable French accent.

The new King's Quest is definitely a bright and significant event in the genre. Moreover, if the authors sustain their own pace and will also work out each episode, then this quest may well give impetus to the entire adventure industry, to become an incentive for other developers. And it will be very correct and symbolic if the revival of the genre begins with the return of the game that once invented it.

Pros: an interesting story; humor; charismatic characters; fascinating gameplay, combining elements of different genres; atmosphere of the original; A gorgeous picture and excellent voice acting.

Cons: we are often forced to run back and forth in large locations.