How to rejuvenate with makeup

Over time, a woman loses her attractiveness, aging does not decorate anyone. But if you properly apply makeup and choose clothes, then it is possible to make these changes insignificant and not so noticeable to others.

Women aged need to know a little tricks when applying makeup.

The first thing that begins with any use of facial cosmetics is to moisturize it. Thanks to this, the skin becomes smoother and allows you to lie well makeup.

Carefully choose a skin tone. The most delicate and lightest is an emulsion, then cream and powder. Depending on the condition of the skin, you must choose the most suitable. Most try to apply foundation in a thick layer so that imperfections are not visible under them, but the skin itself is also not visible. The face becomes lifeless and unnatural and, instead of rejuvenating, makes it even older. To apply tone evenly and evenly, a damp sponge must be used. To hide imperfections under the eyes, which clearly indicate age, it is necessary to use a lighter tone than the main one. If the circles under the eyes are yellowish or brown, then the tone should be a little peachy. If blue - the product must be chosen with a yellow tint.

To slightly visually tighten your face, you must definitely use coral pink blush. They must be applied to the cheekbones with a light layer.

Particular attention must be paid to the eyes. They noticeably change under the influence of age. Small wrinkles appear around. If you use pearlescent shadows with sparkles, then these shortcomings are only emphasized and amplified. It is better to refuse their use. For women aged, it is possible to use only matte eyeshadow, preferably natural and natural colors. With a pencil, you need to slightly raise the line of eyebrows. And under it put light shadows, which will make the eyes expressive and visually remove the swelling. For women who want to look much younger, the basic rule is that all lines should be directed upwards. This rule should be applied when applying eyeliner.

The center of our face, which attracts a lot of attention, is the lips. With age, the lips become unusually dry. If the lipstick is matte, it will emphasize all the shortcomings. The most suitable is the use of lipstick at the same time as shine. In order for the lipstick not to spread and not emphasize the wrinkles located near the lips, it is necessary to use a pencil. Are you looking for erotic adventures? I prefer the mystery, an intimate flair and a unique experience that offers sex chat room with the best models from all over the world. Sometimes finds persistent excitement, and my favorite webcam girls are not online. Or maybe I don't have a lot of time or a bad Internet, then I resort to my saved collection.