What documents are needed in Turkey

Your holiday in Turkey is approaching, the voucher is paid, but, that's what documents you need to take to Turkey with yourself you do not know. Although this is the most important issue in any journey. The most important thing you will need is the availability of a foreign passport. It is necessary to make sure that the validity of the passport is not overdue, and its validity period should end no earlier than three months after the end of the trip to Turkey. Entry into this country with an ordinary Russian passport will not be possible.

To this question you need to come seriously, otherwise you can have big troubles. You will also need a voucher or a return ticket. In addition, it will be necessary to confirm sufficient funds for the forthcoming trip. Namely, you need to confirm that you have at least $ 300 in stock. Although, in fact, all listed documents for travel to Turkey may not be needed and you are asked at the airport to provide only a foreign passport. Nevertheless, you can ask to show all of this list. But in the absence of something you can even be deported back, so it is better to cook everything.

As for the visa, from April 17, 2011 for the entry into the territory of Turkey to Russian citizens for up to 30 days, the visa is not required. Also without a visa it is possible to carry out transit trips through this country, however, the total period of stay in Turkey should not be more than 90 days. It follows that a Russian who enters Turkey using a visa-free regime can make more than one trip to this country within 180 days from the date of entry, but each of them must not exceed more than 30 days, and, in general , the duration of all trips should not exceed 90 days.

It turns out that the visa is not included in the list, which documents are needed in Turkey, because upon arrival, you get a visa stamp. Its cost to you will cost only 600 rubles and it can be used for two months. For all this time you can visit this country is not a limited number. But, persons who wish to spend more than 30 days in this country must necessarily obtain visas at the embassies of Turkey in Russia

If we compare with our country, then at airports there are never any queues, and the design of tourists is very fast, as the customs service of Turkey, long accustomed to tourists. And even if you are traveling for the first time, you will not be shown much interest, and you only need to submit documents for a trip to Turkey. Do not forget that the main currency in this country is Turkish lira, so if you have one ruble with you, you will have to exchange at the nearest exchange office. But it will be better if you take care of yourself in advance and buy dollars or euros, because you can pay for them and them. Do not forget about the security of your documents and money, and try to keep them carefully, away from other people's hands. This is our section on Free Porn Cams of Real People Naked & Having Sex Live on Webcam 24/7. 100% Free to Watch, Chat & Broadcast. No-Sign Up & No Registration Required.