How to choose a parquet?

Parquet is one of the few materials that can give the room a luxurious and solid appearance. It is worth such a finish is very expensive, and therefore to her choice should be approached thoroughly.
What kind of wood is best to choose?
Modern manufacturers produce parquet from the following materials:
- Oak. The coating made of this wood is distinguished by its unusual aesthetics. In addition, it is absolutely not afraid of damage, does not swell and does not dry up;
- Beech. This material is also just remarkable for its excellent performance. This wood is characterized by almost the same strength as oak, but it is much easier to grind and polish;
- It's a wonderful idea to buy a parquet board made of walnut, which will complement the solid and rich interior. The wood of this variety is characterized by an unusually rich color and deep structure. Among other things, the nut is very resistant to deformation;
- The maple variant is a bit cheaper than the first three varieties, but it also applies to the elite class. The main advantage of this material is its extraordinary ability to change color;
- Bamboo. Lovers of exotics should choose this kind. According to the performance characteristics, the coating made of this material exceeds even oak. First, it is stronger, secondly it is more resistant to moisture;
- Pine. Those who do not have enough money to buy parquet plates from prestigious wood species, it is quite possible to consider this option. It looks like a very good coverage. However, do not put it in rooms with high humidity.
Parquet Design
When choosing a parquet, it is worth considering the fact that this coating will by no means play the role of a standard one. Usually, this decoration becomes the dominant decor of the dwelling. Most likely, even furniture will have to match the color and style of the floor. There are several methods for laying parquet plates. Sufficiently presentable looks, for example, "Herringbone". Choose a similar design is at least because it is a classic option. However, if someone like this design seems too official, you can put the decks by the "deck" method. This finish looks somewhat more modern. However, it should be noted that such a styling option is less durable than others. Very good and fashionable as they look different types of coating "carpet". In this case, usually used a special kind of parquet - artistic.
When choosing this type of finishing you need to focus primarily on the quality of wood. It is not necessary to acquire coverage in little-known small companies. Perhaps, when buying in this case, and will be able to save, but in the future, such a decor necessarily delivers the owner a lot of unnecessary trouble. Top gambling ausie website online casino australia here