How to choose the best photoepilator for home?

Many girls and men dream of getting rid of unwanted hair for a long time. The photoepilator gives you this opportunity. This device thanks to micro flares destroys the cuticle of the hair and it ceases to grow. Previously, this procedure could be done only in beauty salons and beauty centers. It was expensive. But now everyone can make themselves photoepilation, just choose a quality device.
Start looking for this with its power. This indicator depends on the type of your skin and hair. The harder the hair and the darker the skin, the more powerful the device needs to be purchased. Conversely, for a white skin with thin dark hair, the power of 3 J / cm 2 is suitable. However, since the hair has different structures in different areas, it is better to take a more universal model with a capacity of 10 J / cm 2. This can be used by both men and women.
The number of flashes affects the quality of the result. If the device is operated in a period of up to 50,000 flashes per minute, it is considered to be weak in impact. In order to destroy the cuticle immediately and get a quick effect, choose a device that gives up to 300,000 flares.
The size of the screen also matters. In the salons, devices with large screens are used to speed up the work. However, for household needs, the standard 5-6 square cm. screen will be enough.
Any photo-epilator should have a power adjustment. This function will help reduce the power when performing the procedure on sensitive skin and depending on the type of hair. The more accurate this adjustment is, the better.
For beginners, the "recognition" function will also be useful, with the help of which the device will determine the type of your skin, hair and set the proper power.
Share photoepilators and depending on the type of food. Wired devices do not need to be charged. They are simpler, lighter, affordable. However, you will always look for an outlet to use them.
But the battery photorepulators, even though they will have to be recharged as needed, but they can be used everywhere. And even take it with you to rest.
When choosing a photoepilator, pay attention to its weight. It is much easier and more convenient to work with a compact, small device. Especially at home.
A convenient storage case and the opportunity to buy replaceable lamps will become pleasant bonuses. A long warranty and certificate will help you safely use the photoepilator for a long time. Look after yourself and be beautiful. Transsexuals from all over the world lead their erotic shows on our website transsexual webcams Register on the site and enjoy the most beautiful trance of our resource. Choose your favorite model and enjoy life.