How to behave in order to prevent conflict between children

Children's quarrels arise both at home and in the team. If they are repeated again and again, then the parties cannot solve the problem on their own and, most likely, help is needed.
 To put the facts in their place, it is necessary to listen to both points of view, giving children the opportunity to calm down. Perhaps already at this stage it will become easier for them to understand each other.
 Then it is necessary to find a compromise solution that will make it possible to settle the conflict, while both parties must necessarily participate in the negotiations and propose their own options. As a rule, children try to give an adult the role of an intermediary, but it is necessary to teach them to speak directly, calmly and without mutual accusations. This will allow them to understand and solve more complex situations in the future.
 It is good when children can talk and explain their point of view. It is more difficult if these are one-year-old babies who conflict in silence. In this case, the participation of an adult is simply necessary. It is necessary to explain to the child why he cannot pick up a toy from his neighbor, push him, etc. You should not think that children will not understand if you try to explain the rules of behavior to them. On the contrary, this must be done so that they already have experience in such a situation. And in the future they will respond more quickly and more correctly to the word "impossible."
 It is another matter if a quarrel has occurred between children of different ages, the youngest of whom still does not speak plainly and, accordingly, cannot explain the reason for their actions. Very often in this situation, adults ask the elder to give in to the baby. Although, in fact, the culprit in the conflict may be a younger child. In this case, the situation is only exacerbated by the insult of an older child. It turns out that everything is allowed to the little ones, even if they are wrong. In this case, a compromise is not easy to find. But if the baby’s guilt is “evident”, it is worth explaining to him that he is wrong, and you can’t do that. It is imperative to return the thing selected by him to the owner, and it is best if the baby does it on his own. It will be more difficult to restore justice if the thing is corrupted. Then, after a conversation with the offender, it is necessary to help the victim. Children should not suffer from each other's tricks, regardless of their age. Otherwise, trust in parents may be violated if the situation is unfairly resolved. Therefore, you need to immediately put everything in its place, without waiting for an avalanche of tears and reproaches. This site was created to make it as easy as possible to browse all the best free live sex cams & private sex on webcam at home or in a paid webcam chat. Young couples fuck in their apartment right in front of the webcam, changing one hot pose to another. Girls suck cock and build eyes guys on the other side of the screen, earning respect and money, of course.