How to combine work

Are looking for a different job cause. The first and foremost is the desire to improve the material situation. The second is not so obvious - & quot; secure the rear & quot; in case of dismissal. And finally, the third - to do your favorite, but, unfortunately, a little paid business or get into a circle of interesting people. For example, a certain (albeit not bad earning) employee of the financial department of a large company enjoyed working with a photo correspondent and a little newspaper. For her work, she received a penny, but she kicked cocktails among the fashionable characters of high life.

Additional earnings can be sought everywhere - in the main place of work, in a neighboring firm, and even at home. The main thing - to decide how, where and who can earn money? There are many options.


This performance on the same production of the main and additional (but different, albeit related specialty) work. So, a kindergarten teacher can work as a psychologist in him. Similar labor relations are issued by order of the enterprise.

A PLUS. Do not have to rush to another company year, nervous in traffic jams.

MINUS. For some reason, in this case, the authorities tend to assume that you are a little busy with basic duties. And they throw a job at you, as they say, from the fence to lunchtime. & Quot; Colleagues gloat quietly, watching as you tear to pieces, and with pleasure gossip about "astronomical" amounts received by you.


This implies a part-time job in another production. In this case, you can engage in both their specialty and adjacent. For example, a system administrator maintains a computer is his enterprise, and in the evenings earns money on PC courses. The basis is an employment contract concluded with an employee for a fixed term.

And what about those who have an employment contract that prohibits part-time employment? After examining the list of activities, you can find those that do not fall under the ban for part-time work. These include, for example, literary work, remunerated by fees, examinations, hourly teaching, etc.


 At the main place of work, as a rule, they do not know about your side job. In addition, you expand your professional connections, earn additional recommendations and insure against unemployment.

MINUS. Transport problems can disrupt work schedules. And the disease is generally unsettled!


You get money for the amount of work done. A classic example is the computer typing operator: how many I typed - I got it for so much. Such a side job can be found by contacting printing houses or companies that produce souvenirs, they often need people to sort, paste, paste, cut or stitch something. As an option - a percentage of revenue: sales representatives earn this way.

A PLUS. You can independently adjust the load and the expected financial returns.

MINUS. You have to worry about orders, - there is no fixed rate, as in the case of part-time work. Cette guerre publicitaire entre le Viagra (Viagra effets secondaires Viagra effets secondaires), ceci Cialis alors cela Levitra orient à l'exclusion de égale, bizarre rivalité à l'exclusion de égale, même dans ces traditionnels cartel créatifs dans Pepsi ensuite Coca- Cola.