How to breastfeed

Breastfeeding is a kind of sacrament, in which mother and child are participants. It carries in itself so much love, tenderness, care, helping the baby to replenish life force, to grow and develop.
The sacrament of breastfeeding, in fact the mystery that it occurs only between mother and child, without the participation of unauthorized persons. Only the mother knows how she and the baby are comfortable to enjoy the process. Therefore, one of the main rules of breastfeeding is the absence of prying eyes and senseless recommendations.
It is important that both mother and child feel comfortable during the process. Experts recommend not to neglect the purchase of necessary children's goods and those goods that will be useful to mother. For example, it is worth using a pillow for feeding, a breast pump and other things that may come in handy with every feeding.
Usually, the question “how to breastfeed correctly” worries those who are waiting for their first child. Future mothers are looking for information on the Internet, and friends give "valuable advice." Among this information are many myths. The most popular ones are as follows:
• Milk may not appear due to breast size, heredity and age. It is believed that if the breast is small, or the age is large, then there will be no milk. They also draw an analogy that if the mother of the pregnant woman did not have milk, then she would not have it either.
• From the point of view of science - this is fiction, because a woman can not have milk only because of serious diseases. According to statistics, worldwide, less than 10% of women cannot physiologically breastfeed due to lack of milk.
• It hurts to feed the baby, cracks will appear on the nipple, so you need to prepare the breast in advance, and rub the nipples with a coarse cloth. This procedure does not affect the sensitivity of the nipple at all, its only plus is the psychological mood of the woman. If after such actions, she will be confident in a positive result, then starting to feed the baby will not be afraid and worried. And this is the most important thing - the mother will be relaxed, which means that the baby too, and the feeding will take place in a good atmosphere.
• If the mother is sick, she has a fever, then breastfeeding should be temporarily postponed, and feed the baby with the mixture. Diseases in which it is really impossible to feed a baby are HIV, syphilis, AIDS, etc. If mother simply has a cold, she has a sore throat or fever - the feeding should not be stopped. After all, it is in breast milk that immunoglobulins are contained that will help the baby’s immunity to cope with microbes. The only thing you can do for safety is to wear a gauze bandage when feeding.
• A nursing mother should eat for two. In fact, you need to eat, just as before, the main thing is that the food be balanced. This means that proteins, fats, vitamins, etc. are sufficiently supplied to the body. Also, during feeding you need to take vitamins, as in pregnancy.
• The taste of garlic and onions may not like the child, and he will refuse from the breast. This myth is easy to check - eat garlic and give the baby a breast, in 100% of cases the baby will not give up milk.
The most important thing when breastfeeding is to remember that the quantity and quality of milk depends on what signals come from the brain. If you believe that milk will be enough to grow a healthy and strong baby, then it will be so. A convenient and easy way to rent a car in bishkek ⚡ We can find the perfect rental car for your vacation or business trip through the most popular destinations of Kyrgyzstan