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How to treat a stiff back with folk remedies

How to treat a stiff back with folk remedies

It is possible to catch a cold not only in cold weather, but also in warm, if to fall asleep, for example, under the air conditioner or with an open window during a draft. The chilled back, as is known, brings unpleasant sensations to the person, therefore it is necessary to know, how it is necessary to operate correctly in such situation.
How to treat a cold back with folk remedies:
The chilled back can be cured with the help of warming compresses, which are made very easily. The back must first be rubbed with alcohol or iodine, and after that immediately wrap it with a warm kerchief or scarf. After this procedure, it is advisable to lie in bed under a warm blanket and make sure that there is no draft in the room. Also in the pharmacy you can buy a special ointment type snake venom, with the help of such a tool, you can also warm your back well and quickly cure it. It may take several days to do such procedures.
  Cabbage leaves, as is known often used in folk medicine, and they are also used to treat a well-deserved back. First the leaf from white cabbage needs to be crushed a little, after which it is necessary to put honey on a sheet in the size of two large spoons further this means it is necessary to put to a sore point and immediately to wrap up a back in a warm scarf or a big warm scarf. Such therapeutic compresses are done at night, since they need to be kept for about eight or even ten hours. The procedure must be repeated every night.
  To treat the well-deserved back, you can use boiled potatoes in the form of puree, you will first need to put a clean gauze on your back, then put warm mashed potatoes. As soon as the mashed potatoes begin to cool, it will be necessary to remove it and put a new one, so it will be necessary to do it several times. After such a procedure, they usually rub their back with vodka and wrap it with something warm.
  You can use useful fir oil for these purposes, that is, they will need to rub their back, and then also wrap it with a warm cloth or woolen shawl. The compress can be kept throughout the night. But before applying this tool, you need to make sure that it is not allergic.
  If the back hurts so that you can not fall asleep, you should take a warm bath, so you can quickly warm your back. After such water procedures, you must immediately go to bed. Also, a special anesthetic ointment can help quickly to get rid of back pain, it can be purchased at any pharmacy. is adult free video chat Husband Fucks wife in black stockings in front of a web camera in all holes. A girl with such big Boobs is unlikely someone will impress.