The use of ceramics in construction, its advantages and disadvantages

Ceramics are used in the manufacture of paper in building materials. For example, tiles, bricks, pipes, tiles.
Ceramic pipes are considered the most environmentally friendly, since in the process of their manufacture only water and clay are used. We meet on the important advantages of ceramic pipes is considered durability. However, use should determine whether the pipe can withstand the required load. If it is not strong enough or the load is too large, it may cause the pipe to burst.
Ceramic tiles are a fairly common finishing material. In its manufacture of used sand and clay. Ceramic tile is characterized by many positive qualities, including durability, resistance to fire, high strength. Also, ceramic tiles are resistant to various chemicals, therefore, when processing it, you can use any detergent. Ceramic tiles are not afraid of sunlight, low temperatures, as well as water. No harmful microorganisms multiply on its surface. All kinds of dirt can be easily removed from the surface of the ceramic tile, using only water. Among the disadvantages of this material is its fragility during transportation. Ceramic tiles are easily damaged or broken, both during transport and during installation.
Recently gained popularity tiles, made of ceramics. Among its advantages distinguish a sufficiently long service life. She can serve more than a dozen years. Ceramic tiles provide good thermal insulation of the room. It also prevents the penetration of indoor noise from the street. therefore
It can be used as a roof for the attic. Ceramic tile is not exposed to water. She is also steadily on fire, she is not afraid of low temperatures. The strength of ceramic tiles can be increased using special formulations. It also allows you to extend the life of the material. The disadvantage of such tiles is considered quite a lot of weight. This makes the installation of ceramic tiles rather difficult. Also, its weight must be considered when designing a building project.
Ceramic bricks are often used in the construction of various publications, as it is characterized by good insulation performance. The summer period it contributes to keeping the house in place. Such a brick breaks during transportation. However, it requires certain skills during installation. This process is quite difficult and can take a lot of time. cvv store