Illegal Gambling - Kuwait As Example

In the latest years, namely, since the EU was founded, the idea of Europe has gone through big changes. Today the word “European” does not merely refer to a geographical area of this world, but it contains a clear reference to the fact that anything in the EU is going to step forward, to improve, to gain more importance and even lead certain industries.
On one hand, “European” has become a sort of synonymous with “modern and emancipated”, but on the other hand, there are still many people who look at the Middle East thinking that’s a complicated area, where wealth and poverty are two sides of the same coin… seemingly, certain countries in the Middle East look far from the modern attitude of most EU countries.

Illegal Casinos In Kuwait & Dubai

Although western countries in the EU and in the US look so unbridled in their run after the “enhancement of humanity”, contacts with Middle East countries happen very frequently, not only for commercial and business goals but also in the areas of gambling. As gambling is strictly prohibited by Islamic law, several Arab countries fight an ongoing battle against illegal gambling. There have been several examples of illegal casino operations run by westerners in both Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. One big operation was revealed not long ago by Kuwait’s authorities and reached world news as it became clear it was run by an American and several Europeans (Al Qabas). The raid was rapid and well organized by the Kuwaiti police force, so a group of 30+ outlaws could be immediately arrested. It all began after a Kuwaiti man lost 200,000 Dinars (US $712K) and informed the police about the existence of the illegal casino. From their investigations, the authorities understood that the American owner had a previous history of casino operations in the US and the Europeans were also professionals working in gambling halls. The four foreigners managed to build up the largest illegal casino in the country, with roulette wheels and card games. It’s worth to mention here that gambling is strictly prohibited in Kuwait with extremely high penalties for those caught being involved in western gambling methods and still, these foreigners could operate large scale gambling undetected.

Online Casino Gambling For Muslims and Arabs

Although gambling is mostly forbidden in the Arab world, there are numerous Arabs living outside their native countries who like to play casino games. They mostly tend to choose 7AlalCasino as a basic casino guide to know, learn and see more from the international casino market. Several countries around the world with very strict gaming regulations have opted to legalize gambling on certain types of games or on sites driven by operators that are licensed and comply with international gaming regulations. The direction of the Arab countries has not yet been determined but as illegal gambling continues to grow, the leaders of these nations may see it best to control the market rather than let it grow into an illegal industry.