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How to behave correctly when playing blackjack

How to behave correctly when playing blackjack

Proper behavior when playing blackjack

Did you know that blackjack rules involves certain rules of conduct? To disregard those rules is a mauvais ton. Disregarding them means you're not a professional, you're not dangerous, you're not a competitor, and you can be ignored.

No one wants that kind of reputation at the table. So let's take a quick look at the basic rules of blackjack.

First. Touching the cards. Remember that a player should never touch cards that are dealt face down. Likewise, a player should not pick up cards with both hands if they are dealt face down. And, in addition, the player should not remove cards from the table by himself.

Remember that the dealer plays the game in the best possible way, and any attempt to improve his actions by touching the cards, reveals you as an amateur or an unskilled cheater.

Second. Gestures. Given that a player sitting at the table does not touch the cards, he must constantly tell the dealer his gambling actions. But the noisy atmosphere of the casino can make unnecessary adjustments to the smooth gameplay... To prevent this from happening, the world of blackjack has been known to inform the dealer of his actions through gestures. You can use gestures alone, or you can use them to duplicate what you say in words - it's not that important.

By the way! Using gestures can benefit the player in case a disputable situation arises at the table. Thus, when watching the video recordings (which, as a rule, do not involve any sound track), you can categorically prove your case and without unnecessary problems to get the money legally due!