Movie & quot; Ivan & quot; (2016)

In recent years, Ivan’s life was like an emptiness in which no one except him lives. Working as an ambulance driver, he often saved lives for people, because at the most critical moment every minute counts, and Ivan was not inherent in long thoughts, and in extreme situations he did not pass. However, despite this, Ivan did not feel himself a hero. An adult man continued to live alone, without his wife and children, which, however, quite suited him. He did not notice how the youth passed, and he turned into a sad recluse, firmly convinced that all good things were left behind.

It is not known where he got such heavy thoughts, but for a long time Ivan didn’t strive for anything and didn’t want to change anything, believing that the time of discoveries and achievements, the time of love, was irretrievably gone. Ivan did not want to admit the thought that he himself was to blame for the lost time, and referred to some third-party circumstances that bound him hand and foot. So it was calmer. Life somehow settled, and Ivan did not want to give up his own habits in the name of something ghostly, which is unlikely to come true at his age.

Acquaintances and relatives, several years ago trying to stir up a man and force him to start a new life, abandoned their attempts and gave up on him. Ivan was glad of it, only an incomprehensible feeling of dissatisfaction made itself felt. However, over time, he learned to drive away such thoughts from himself. Suddenly an event occurs that completely changes his life. One day, going out into the street, he discovers an unfamiliar girl near his house, who looks at him in confusion. Fearing that the stranger will freeze, he invites her into the house.

After the first minutes of his acquaintance, Ivan has a premonition of future changes. He agrees that the girl should stay with him. The house is big, there is enough space. The young guest quickly settles in his house, which somehow miraculously becomes cozier and warmer. A life without aspirations and plans for the future, a life without worries and responsibility for the family, is left behind, and Ivan is surprised to find himself thinking that there are still many heights ahead that he can achieve, because he is not old enough to give up . Now, next to this girl, he saw that the world was bright and bright, and he was sincerely glad that he had gotten out of the web woven from the consequences of the mistakes he had made in the past years.